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Is the N2 card rewritable? Yes I'm a Noob lol

Discussion in 'Official 'N^2 Elite' Support Forum' started by NubsOne, Aug 10, 2018.

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    NubsOne Loyal Member

    Aug 8, 2018
    Ok I know this may be a really stupid question but hey I'm totally new at this. I got the N2 kit with card and the reader/writer. I was able to put about 10 figures on it without much of a problem. I was testing it out to see if it worked on my sons Switch. Upon inspection everything seemed to be fine until I tried putting more Amibos on the card. Did I just make a rookie mistake and make the card only able to hold 10 instead of 200? Because I cant figure out how to put more on or be able to erase what I have on it already and start over. Is the card even rewritable? Thanks ahead of time for taking the time.
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    GaronneBC Loyal Member

    Jul 25, 2018
    Home Page:
    I'm not sure about the factory settings anymore (got my N2 quite a while ago) but it might be possible the N2 Chip is set to hold only 10 amiibos by default (i.e. 10 slots) but you should be able to change the slot count when running the N2 Manager (app or program) and scan your N2 chip with your smartphone or usb module.

    Your smartphone should show 5 options at this point (after scanning), the first one being "set bankcount". That's the option to change the amount of amiibos storable on your N2 chip and this can be set anywhere between 1 and 200.

    "Manage Banks" is the second option and the place to add more amiibos or change the ones stored. (i.e. yeah, your N2 Chip is rewritable.)

    You MIGHT have accidently activated the third option "lock" which basically simulates "physical" amiibos and makes the N2 Chip unwritable. This - luckily - is a recoverable state.

    How to detect you locked your N2 Chip?
    Easy. If - after scanning - your N2 Chip does not show this mentioned menu and only displays a single amiibo figure it's likely you locked your N2 Chip.

    A locked N2 Chip shows only 3 options:
    "dump" (to copy amiibo data to file), "unlock" (to return to "unlocked" mode) and "settings" (change app settings).

    Unlocking a locked N2 Chip:
    This process takes some training as it's a little bit complicated:
    1. Tap the "unlock" button
    2. Touch the N2 to your phone or the usb module and leave it there!!! (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)
    3. While holding the N2 to the phone or usb module, push the N2 Button (the one on the N2 chip)
    4. While holding the N2 to the phone or usb module AND holding the button hit the "OK" button on your phone or computer screen.
    If you did it right the standard 5-option-menu should now show again. ("set bankcount", "manage banks", "lock", "show id", "settings")

    PS: When in "manage banks" screen, tap and hold any amiibos you want to change or remove. Just tapping them only activates them as active amiibo.
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    NubsOne Loyal Member

    Aug 8, 2018
    I will have to try that. Thanks so much for the great info

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