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Is there actually an "EASY" way to audit mame roms?

Discussion in 'Off Topic & General Discussion' started by Artlover, Nov 10, 2019.

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    I'm trying to audit my mame roms on my xbox, which I copied to a folder on my pc for easier access and repair. These newest versions of MAME now requiring roms in romsets that didn't formerly exist for whatever reason, yet still worked at the time, but not anymore, is becoming quite the f--king pain in the ass.

    So anyways..

    RomCenter 4.0.1: Ignoring long load times for the program, doesn't let you do anything until you've linked it to an installed copy of MAME.

    ClrMAMEPro 4.035: So you need a profile, and to create a profile you need an installed copy of mame to link to.

    Sorry, I'm not freaking interested in installing MAME on my pc just to audit the roms once. Ok? Shouldn't have to.

    RomVault v3r10: Ok, finally we have a program that doesn't seem to require you have MAME installed. Seems like it accepts the datafiles of Romcenter just fine. I can point it to my roms and scan them. So far, so good. Except no mater how I configure it's settings, just about all information displayed is wrong. Most of the info says 0 of 25453 roms. It does see and scan my roms, and will shows them in the root, but all report as ok, and the whole info section still says "have 0 \ missing xxx." for everything.

    Jesus Christ, all I want is a damned program that I can point at a roms dir and have it tell me which freaking .zip's are missing roms. Nothing fancy or complicated. Yet all the big rom auditing tools are trying to be fancy and complicated. There has got to be an easier way than this assortment of crap.

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