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Many issues with using Gateway CFW

Discussion in 'A9LH & Custom Firmware Discussion' started by PlatinumLucario, Jan 30, 2017.

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    PlatinumLucario Loyal Member

    Jan 12, 2015
    Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
    As I've noticed, either Gateway CFW cannot be loaded while Luma3DS is in use, or that Gateway cannot load the encryption keys directly from emuNAND and loads only the keys from the sysNAND.

    The Gateway team have not bothered to fix any of these issues. Gateway CFW always loads only the NATIVE_FIRM keys on the sysNAND, and it does not bother to load the NATIVE_FIRM keys on the emuNAND.

    It is so behind Luma3DS in regards to what it can do, as well as using the keys in the emuNAND. It needs several new things.

    It needs a mini-CFW that works much like NTR CFW that enables loading the Gateway cart and pressing select. It also needs to allow booting alongside Luma3DS and other CFWs, rather than having to replace Luma3DS or any other CFW installed.

    There are still so many issues that Gateway has not even bothered to address yet. But hopefully they will in the future.
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    medi01 Loyal Member

    Jun 16, 2012
    GW support does indeed feel quite lacking.
    The only thing it has over Luma at the moment is easiness of accessing SD card with games.

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