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Maxlander Backup Restore and Download Play Skylanders Characters Completed Guide

Discussion in 'Official 'MaxLander' Support Forum' started by omnpp, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Jul 12, 2015
    Home Page:
    - Maxlander
    - Games Consoles(Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 ..etc)
    - Win7/Win8/Win10 OS PC
    - Skylanders Standard Starter Pack (include Portal ,Skylanders Figures) Maxlander Operation:
    1.install maxlander software and connect maxlander to PC:
    (1)Download and install maxlander setup software from official support site:



    you need a win7/win8 OS to install the software;
    (2) Run maxlander software, connect maxlander to PC by usb cable, then you will see:
    2.Skylanders Characters’ Data backup, copy and erase (for ADVENTURE ,GIANTS , TRAP TEAM)
    (1) When Maxlander connectted to PC successfully , it will shows “Place toy onto portal”, like this:
    (2)Place a toy on maxaldner, then it will show the data of the toy, toy’s name, and the toy’s backup in PC, if it shows NO BACKUP FILES, means this toy hasn’t backuped in this PC before,
    now you can click BACKUP button to backup the toy’s data:
    (3)When finished backup, a window will jump out to let you input the name of this backup:
    (4)Then you will see “Backup Successful”, click “OK” , maxlander will read and show the backup data just now:
    (5) Take away the toy and put Maxlander Token on Maxlander device, choose the data you want to copy (write toy’s data to token)then click “Restore” button, the copy begin. “RESTORE(94)” in the following picture, means this token can write and erase 94 time (total 99 times).
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (6) Then following window will jump out, click “OK”.
    (7) It will show the following notice, remaining write and erase times of token:
    (8) When finished, maxlander will read the characters’ data in the token again
    (9) If you want to write another toy’s data to this token, you need erase the currently toys’ data first,
    means one token can only hold one toys’ at one time, if you want to write new toy’s data, you need erase former data first.
    Now put the token which you want to rewrite on maxlander:
    (10) it will show a notice window(when after erase, the data in this token will be cleared, recommend backup it to your PC first), then click OK.
    (11) Now you can copy and write another toy’s data to this token, and click RESTORE button.
    (12) when finished, maxaldner will read new toy’s data.
    now, you can change the element paper.
    3.Swap Force Characters backup, copy and earse
    (1) place swap topy on maxlander, click BACKUP.
    (2)when finished backup, take aways toy and put first token(No.1) to maxlander, choose the swap toy’s backup data just now, then click RESTORE to copy and wirte.
    (3)now, it will jump out a notice window, and need 2 tokens to start the copy and write, click YES.
    (4)another window will come out, click “OK”:
    (5) you will see the following screen, now you need take away the first token(No.1) and put the second token(No.2) on maxlander:
    (6) When put the second token(No.2) on maxlander, it will show overwriteen successfully, mean copy and wirte finished and click “OK”:
    (7)notice, if you want to read swap characters’ data, on game console or PC, you need put two tokens on the Portal or maxlander, then the characters’s data will show.
    (8)in a similar way , if you want to erase the swap character’s data in token, you need put two tokens on maxlander then choose erase to action.
    4.Copy Download Skylanders Characters Data to Maxlander token
    (1) Download skylanders characters for free here:
    (2)unzip SKL_Characters_001.rar, you will see 300+ xxx.bin files, they are skylanders characters and magic data:
    (3)Copy the skylanders characters which you want to write to the token to the following path:
    C:\users\username\maxlander , if there is no “maxlander” folder, please create it
    (4)Run Maxlander software and connect Maxlander to PC;
    (5)If your token already write other data, you need erase it first;
    if you use a empty token, you will see the character data files, they are the skylanders characters data which just put into C:\users\username\maxlander folder
    (6)choose one to restore and copy to the token , and press “OK”
    (7)then maxlander will read data in the token, and the character name is “BASH” , no backup files
    (8)Then you can use “BASH” in your game console now.
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