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mmDM Game FAQ - Patrick Batman & Omnomnom

Discussion in 'PS3 Game Ripping, Custom Mods' started by PatrickBatman, Oct 7, 2012.

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    PatrickBatman SCENE MOD Loyal Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    1.00 patches:
    put patch files in full game backup let mmDM convert files to DEX on mount

    1.01+ updates:
    Get official sony update convert pkg to DEX with aldostools, highlight sony update pkg press ctrl+shift+enter (Will make cex sony package into pkg.original, dex will become .pkg, and there will be extracted folder of sony cex pkg.)

    if 3.55 and lower update:
    Take any eboot/sprx/self files out of extracted cex sony pkg folder (from above step), create temp folder put in there for now.

    if N00DRM patched update:
    Put patched N0DRM files in temp folder for now.

    Install newly created dex pkg on ps3.

    Put temp folder with N0DRM files or 3.55 or lower eboot/sprx/self etc in USRDIR of any game, then mount that game. (if 3.60+ error pops up on a sprx/self it has a click key (usually), so right click the file and pick Resign SELF. After its done, put the new file it created in temp folder of USRDIR again and remount)

    This will convert them to DEX. In target manager on the left there is Target explorer hit the plus sign next to icon of debug unit with green light and IP address. Pick file explorer browse to dev_hdd/game/(Game ID) of dex update pkg you previously installed. Drag and drop converted DEX files in USRDIR/temp folder to dev_hdd/game/(Game ID).


    80022D74=Trophy error (or any message involving trophies)
    delete trophies for game (XMB>GAME>Trophy Collection>(hightlight game)press triangle delete

    8001003D/8001003E=Needs disc error
    Old update cex pkg or Dex pkg with eboot etc that's not fself (DEX) is installed. Delete update in game data utility if old CEX update, if dex add fself eboot, sprx, self etc files into dev_hdd0/game/(game title)

    80010009 error=change Boot mode from software to release mode in debug settings
    (Doesnt always work)

    80028F14 error=nothing mounted at app_home
    Usually just give mmDM a few more moments to mount before selecting app_home or PARAM.SFO error

    generally files in full game backup need to be moved around. A lot of games just require moving folders in USRDIR to root folder (folder with PS3_GAME folder in it)To get an idea of where to move them, before starting game from app_home go to file serving in Target Manager's target explorer, click the green "play"button, then start game. Study the directories here and look at Console Output
    for hints. (Make sure all eboot/self/sprx are DEX by mmDM before moving stuff around)

    Try to get as many games as you can working in System Software Mode as last resort try game in Release Mode.

    Also some games are already posted at: http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/4661-Omnomnom-s-Tasty-A-Z-of-mmDM-Game-Running-Tutorials

    -Patrick Batman & Omnomnom
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    yayes Loyal Member

    Nov 8, 2011
    thnx this should get rid my problem launch game from lan

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