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Mobile Gaming is in Ascendancy in the Age of the Millennial

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Nov 20, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Nov 20, 2018 at 10:11 PM
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    We’ve been asked a number of times why gaming on mobile telephones and tablets is now the most popular platform for online gaming, and has actually overtaken desktop gaming?

    There are essentially two types of gaming: simple computer game play and online casino game play. Both are now more popular on mobile devices than on desktop computers. There are two very simple explanations for this phenomenon of the first fifth of the 21st century. Who can possibly predict what the next 20 years will bring? There are also two less obvious reasons. The two more obvious reasons are:
    • Convenience
    • Graphics
    The two less obvious reasons are:
    • Willingness to accept fewer games.
    • Unwillingness to download top heavy casinos to their hard drive.
    At this point, permit us to digress for a moment. We recommend casinoking.nz as a source of information on online casinos, games, and especially mobile games. The people at that site have a combined 100+ years of experience in the online gaming field. They are also for the most part millennial's so they know something (actually a lot) about mobile gaming.


    No one who uses a mobile device can argue against the enormous convenience of mobile. When it comes to gaming, the need to travel to a land based casino is now being replaced by the ability to carry the casino with you wherever you go. Some players use even a few free moments to take a few spins in slots or to play a few hands of blackjack, for example. When you’re out of the house, you won’t have time to sit for a long playing session.

    That happens at home. Instead of sitting upright at your desktop computer, with mobile you can curl up on a couch, a soft chair, or in bed. Playing online casinos with your significant other is so much more comfortable via mobile than it could ever be at a desktop console.

    This represents the merging of convenience with comfort. As it happens, in some languages the word for convenient and the word for comfortable are the same!


    The mobile revolution in gaming could not have taken place without amazing improvements in computer graphics. Add animation and sound to the mix and you have a surefire recipe for popularity beyond bounds.

    We are familiar with computer games. Their graphics, 3D animation, and clear sound are requisites even before players talk about game play. The same is true in casino games, especially in blackjacks. Modern video blackjack are themed. In a real sense, if you allow yourself to become immersed in the theme, the game tells you a story.

    The characters are drawn to reflect the story line. So graphics in blackjack with live dealers are even more important than the actual online blackjack. Players like the many different ways they can win money in blackjack such as classic, bonus, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip and much more. As such, playing a few hands of blackjack is always a great imaginative way to spend some of your free time.

    No Download

    There are so many casinos online that players are less willing now than in the past to download a casino to their already stressed hard drive. This segues well with the willingness to accept fewer games. Mobile casinos do have fewer games than desktop casinos. But when you consider the convenience, comfort, and graphics it makes sense that players will give up a number of games for all of the above.

    An interesting side element here is that many of the more established online casinos are top heavy with games. Their managers it seems don’t understand the need to be streamlined in the age of the millennial. At these casinos, there is even more push not to download. Why put old fashioned games on your hard drive when you can get a full complement of excellent games on your mobile?

    Bottom Line

    The true bottom line is that competition always finds the most satisfactory way to deliver a product or service. The online casino business is a place of immense competition. Innovative graphics are the modern response to the need for great entertainments rather than an overabundance of games to play.


Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Nov 20, 2018.

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