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[MOD] Use your Xbox 360 headsets on Xbox One

Discussion in 'XBONE Gaming & General Discussion' started by GaryOPA, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Learn how to use your beloved Xbox 360's headsets on your brand new Xbox One with this easy mod

    As there are no commercial adapters nor official 'good' headsets for the Xbox One.
    We show you here how to use your current Xbox 360 headsets on the new Microsoft's console.


    A few facts

    The goal of this guide is to make compatible almost any Xbox 360 headset (Combination of headphones and microphone) with the new Xbox One.

    At the moment of writing these lines, there are no official adapters (Not from Microsoft nor from Third-parties) to get Xbox 360 headsets running on Xbox One (At least the mic part). There are either no specific headsets for the Xbox One despite the 'crappy' one that comes with some special editions of the Xbox One.

    The majority of the actual Xbox 360 headsets work on Xbox One (headphones part) but their mics doesn't.

    Microsoft is yet to release an update to get Dolby Digital sound trough Xbox One optical port, so, headsets thats depend on that port will only work in Stereo or DTS.

    This guide uses Tritton AX 720 as example head to get it working on Xbox One. This headset is compatible with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and is capable of simulate 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

    Materials required

    • Official Xbox One Chat Headset from Microsoft
    • A headset you want to adapt to work with Xbox One
    • Audio cable with a 2.5 or 3.5 mm jack. (Depending on your headset). If your headset already has one cable like this, you can use it.
    • Torx 5 screwdriver
    • Soldering Iron (Pencil type similar to JBC 14ST)
    • Tin
    • Isolating duct tape
    • Magnifying glass and other tools such as tweezers to help with the process (Optional)

    1) Disassembling Xbox One Chat Headset controller adapter


    Disconnect the adapter from the controller and separate the two plastic parts using your fingers/nails and applying some force.


    Five Torx 5 should be now exposed (2 silver ones in the upper edge and 3 black in the perimeter). Carefully, remove all of them.


    2) Removing the headphone and mic wires

    Once the adapter is opened and the screws removed, search for the 4 wires that come from the headphone/mic part. (Blue, Black, White and Bare). Use the soldering iron to heat the soldering points and remove all the 4 wires.


    Once removed, 4 soldering points labeled as HPL, HPR, MIC and GND should be visible.


    3) Soldering our own headset cables to the controller adapter

    Depending on the cables that our headset has (in the part that connects with the Xbox 360 controller) we must solder one or another. In the case of the Tritton AX 720, the cable that connects with the Xbox 360 controller has 3 wires inside (Black, Red and Bare).


    In this case, we solder the 3 wires to the controller adapter as shown in the image below:

    Black to HPL , Red to MIC and Bare to GND.


    To a correct and better soldering, place a tiny drop of tin in the tips of the wires before placing them in the previously mentioned soldering points. Avoid any metallic par of the wires to make contact with other parts of the circuit board. Use duct tape (specially in the bare wire) when necessary.

    4) Remount and test

    Before remounting the adapter, it's convenient that you place some duct tape near the soldering points to avoid them to break free in the case of excessive force when using the adapter. Additionally, you can make a knot as in the photo to prevent the cable to pull off.

    Put back all the pieces and the screws together and you're done!


    Now you only have to test your 'brand new' headset in a Xbox Live Party, Skype, Upload Studio or any other app that allows the mic to be used.



    NEWS SOURCE: Forum Topic #10695 (via) Kaos2k

    Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news item!
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