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Movian (Showtime) Stealth 4.10.14 (Alex Kidd & Altered Beast) for PSN

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew Corner' started by PatrickBatman, Sep 19, 2015.

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    PatrickBatman SCENE MOD Loyal Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    So this is Movian (Showtime) 4.9.424 stealth as Altered Beast PSN so if you're like me you don't have to delete showtime from XMB every time you get online. If you're feeling really rebellious you can use it while online and it'll show as Altered Beast (although it's not recommended to run homebrew while online). So basically for noobs this is like stealth multiMAN but for Showtime.

    I didn't realize (before posting the above) 4.9.424 wasn't the latest version of Showtime/Movian, so I've updated this to the 4.10.14 version. I realize 4.10.30 is currently the latest version, however upon testing it (4.10.30) after running the stealth version one time it would be forced under the TV/Video Services XMB category with its named changed back to "Movian". The latest version not to force/unstealth itself was the release right before 4.10.30, 4.10.14 (luckily). The only difference between these two is that 4.10.30 improved bittorrent streaming stability and if I had to wager I bet most ps3 users didn't even realize there are bittorrent functions within Movian (Showtime).

    As a bonus I've also included "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" stealth version as well. So now you can switch between Alex Kidd & Altered Beast if your heart desires to be even more Solid Snake stealthy.

    Movian (showtime) 4.9.424 Stealth (Altered Beast):


    Movian (Showtime) 4.10.14 Stealth (Alex Kidd in Miracle World & Altered Beast):

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