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my first xbone repair (need help)

Discussion in 'XBONE Gaming & General Discussion' started by barelynotlegal, May 1, 2017.

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    barelynotlegal Loyal Member

    May 1, 2017
    so little backround. i bought a xbone off a tweaker for a few xbox live codes and 10 bucks cash. i was told that it turns on then turns right off, after research i came to the conclusion it was a bad PSU and was happy to take off his hands. i have a xbone already with a good power supply.
    get home and this is what i have tried .
    unplugged everything for 1 minute (power cycle) when the console gets power from my working psu it blinks orange/white 3 times then stays orange, while the light is changing i hear a noise, a click 3 times. so thinking a bunk internal supply i take apart and try this step again. well the clicking is the fan, when the light flashes the fan tries to start, does this 3 times then i power on and turns right off. so i did even further and remove heat sink to look at gpu , WTF lots of dried up paste. now from the 100's of 360 repairs i have done, this would be a symptom of a bad paste job or no paste at all correct?

    picture 1. the motherboard, please take a look this has not been cleaned up so take that into consideration.
    xbone mobo.jpg

    picture 2 is the backside of GPU, the white i am not sure but i have this on A LOT of 360's that i have gooten to work. (any ideas)
    otherside of GPU.jpg
    picture 3 is the awesome paste job (note that paste was dry and crumbly)
    crappy paste.jpg

    so i come to you guys for ant recommendations? is this board worth investing my time into? to me it seema like a possible paste job might save the day, but the white residue has me a little worried. though i have it on many 360's just seems to easy to me lol.
    thanx in advance

    edit, i see no signs or arching or overheating anywhere on board.

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