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N2Elite Review

Discussion in 'Official 'N^2 Elite' Support Forum' started by EllioneDHunter, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Here’s another Review, this time for the N2Elite Set (formally known as Amiiqo). A review on my birthday, such joy!
    Anyways, The N2Elite Set comes in a nice looking box which, once opened, reveals your N^2 NFC chip (which I nicknamed the N2ag [N-tag]) and USB Reader. It comes with a USB cord of course, which oddly enough, has a double sided USB Male. This is actually the first time I’ve seen the legendary super USB and it’s a lovely touch. This cable allows you to plug it in to your PC without needing to check if it’s facing the right way since it’s always right.
    2016-01-08 12.40.23.jpg 2016-01-08 12.48.52.jpg
    After installing the drivers, it’s just as simple as plugging it in, placing your N2ag on top of the Reader and starting up the program. The USB base has LED to let you know that it's recognized when plugged in which also helps you setup. The program is a non-install so make sure you add it to your desktop and replace as needed with updates. You can find the downloads for the programs and drivers on N2Elite's site, works on PC and MAC.
    2016-01-08 14.42.01.jpg 2016-01-08 14.44.32.jpg
    When you open the program, you’re greeted with some slots and USB selection. The USB selection will probably be a bit confusing. Also, if you choose the wrong slot, the app gets frozen and needs to be closed before you can choose again. Once you get the right port, you will be connected and it will show how many slots are active. Scan for tag makes it look for tags, also works as the refresh button. Set bankcount changes how many active slots you have, and locking it is for setting it to be read as a regular Amiibo. All of the functions works as they should. To change the Amiibo in a slot, just double click the slot you wish to change and select the bin. It doesn’t have all of the newer Amiibos pictures so you might need to double check which one you have in certain slots using a system which kinda ruins a simple experience.
    ss (2016-01-08 at 03.09.41).png ss (2016-01-10 at 03.03.00).png ss (2016-01-08 at 03.54.56).png
    Next thing to test was to see how easy it is to use the “locked” function and unlocking since on the mobile app, unlocking can be a choir for some. Hitting lock will change it to Amiibo mode where you can dump the data from your N^2. Dump Amiibo does just that but there’s no indication of what you’re dumping such as a pic in one of the slots or something of the like. This isn’t really needed for dumping actual Amiibo but for when you need to dump multiple backups via the N2ag, it adds another step of checking via a game system to know what slot you’re on. Unlocking it is extremely easier than using mobile. Hitting unlock will setup the quick process and after a few seconds, it will ask you to press and hold the button on the N2ag and a moment later, it will unlock and refresh.
    ss (2016-01-08 at 03.55.25).png ss (2016-01-08 at 03.55.47).png
    ss (2016-01-08 at 03.55.49).png ss (2016-01-08 at 03.56.26).png
    The N2ag itself works exactly as it did before rebranding so I won’t go into detail over that.
    All of the tags I’ve tried have worked fine on my 3DS and Wii U. All in all, it’s a great device and it does its job well while being simple though it’s missing some helpful commodities such as changing the active slot, automatic recognition, and having future amiibo added without needing to redownload an update.
    I give it a 9/10 due to:

    • Simple and Easy usage
    • Quick installation and setup
    • Clean interface
    • Makes managing your N2Elite much easier than the mobile app alone

    • Confusing choice for displaying USB ports, choosing wrong requiring a program restart
    • Recent Amiibo pics are missing, increasing the chance of being lost when managing slots

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