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NaMiiO Review

Discussion in 'Official 'NaMiiO' Support Forum' started by EllioneDHunter, Dec 20, 2015.

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    EllioneDHunter Lesbyterian (N2Elite Mod) Clean-Up Crew

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Home Page:
    Today, I’m reviewing the NaMiiO, the NFC backup system! I'm pretty sick but I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.
    That aside, I opened my package and was greeted by a small white box. Opening the box and emptying it produces the following contents; 2 containers, 2 soft placeholder rings, 2 NFC chips inside a static protection baggie, NaMiiO Reader/Writer, 3 sets of case designs, and Mini (not micro ^-^) USB cable.
    2015-12-19 06.53.49.jpg 2015-12-19 06.59.56.jpg 2015-12-19 08.01.16.jpg
    First things first, you must assemble the NFC chips.
    1) Open a container. (There’s a notch in the side to assist with this)
    2015-12-19 08.01.53.jpg
    2) Remove the soft ring then separate the three inner rings and circle.
    2015-12-19 08.03.24.jpg
    3) Place the design inside whichever way you want
    2015-12-19 08.04.07.jpg 2015-12-19 08.04.50.jpg
    4) Place the soft ring inside the top side (Smaller side of the container is top, Bigger side is bottom)
    2015-12-19 08.05.11.jpg
    5) Place the NFC chip into the center of the soft ring with the nodes facing away from you (remember which side is the top.)
    2015-12-19 08.05.57.jpg
    6) Seal it up with the bottom side and you’re done!
    2015-12-19 08.07.34.jpg 2015-12-19 08.08.04.jpg
    With your NFCs nicely made up, you now need to install the program for the NaMiiO. (link here) I’ll skip that over since it’s the basic of the basics. You can also install the powersaves program if you desire so. (link same as first one) Programs installed and NFCs together now you can plugin the NFC Base. If you don’t already have the drivers installed, it should start installing automatically. If it fails, just replug the base again. Once that’s done, open up the NaMiiO App and you’ll see “Place Character on NaMiiO Base”. Now you have the choice of what to place on the base. Placing an Amiibo should yield its name (best girl) as you see. Choosing to backup will give you a directory box on where you wish to save it. You should create a new NaMiiO folder in your personal folder. This is for ease of tracking your backups and such. You can refer to this folder for any backups you may need and for restoring. Backing it up will produce a bin file containing the amiibo’s data for safe keeping.
    ss (2015-12-19 at 01.44.54).jpg 2015-12-19 09.21.43.jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 01.45.08).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 08.34.02).png
    Now for the chips that came with it. If you place one of the NFCs that came with it, you’ll get the following, showing that it’s empty. You can restore any Amiibo to it by using the restore function and confirming to do so, same with amiibo. You can backup your progress as well by repeating the backup process but this revealed about a small problem. The app, regardless of running as admin, will not attempt to overwrite bins of the same name, meaning that you must delete them manually before saving. There is no indication (for me anyways) of the backup process. If you don’t, the app will proceed like normal but upon restoring you’ll see that the previous data is what exists.
    So make sure you delete old backups when updating because the app will not overwrite.
    ss (2015-12-19 at 08.34.29).png ss (2015-12-19 at 02.24.45).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 02.24.54).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 02.25.02).jpg
    There’s also the cheat app that you can use. From what I can take from it, it runs off of the Action Replay’s Cheats (server as well?) as hinted in the bottom right and from it connecting at startup. Once connected you’ll be greeted with it asking to place the Amiibo on the Base. Upon placing it, it will give quick info, stating an Amiibo, total saves and # of games. Progressing further will reveal 4 options, Backup, Restore, Apply Cheat, and Power Tag.
    ss (2015-12-19 at 03.05.06).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.04.18).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.08.50).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.08.55).jpg
    Backup and Restore both functions the same as they do with the regular NaMiiO app. Upon naming and saving it, it will automatically create a folder in your Personal one containing the backup. You can restore from this file all the same, works the same in both apps. It will still not allow you to overwrite, removing the option to save if you input the same name of a previous backup. But the backups are specially named/marked so that it knows what saves are for which Amiibo. Meaning you can reuse the same names with different amiibo. The total cames counter is how many backups you have of an amiibo.
    ss (2015-12-19 at 03.12.22).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.12.27).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 08.37.11).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 08.37.42).jpg
    Going to Apply cheat you’ll be shown the option of which game you wish to cheat for. (Sm4sh WiiU, Mario Party, and Sm4sh 3DS are the only options I see at the time) You can also reset the data, erasing and restarting the Amiibo as well. After choosing a game and the cheat you want, you may apply it. After a quick connection, it will apply the cheat and as you can see, works nicely!
    ss (2015-12-19 at 10.32.16).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.30.26).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.30.31).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.30.56).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.30.35).jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.34.32).jpg 2015-12-19 09.35.18.jpg 2015-12-19 10.40.03.jpg
    All in all, it’s quite a useful device. I recommend that you stick to using the powersaves app since it has the default apps functions and then some. Backup and Restores are quick and easy. It works with the 3DS and WiiU. The base even works with the N2Elite (ᵃᵐᶦᶦᑫᵒ if you didn’t know), so it’s a nice complimenting item if you own it as well.
    2015-12-19 10.05.08.jpg ss (2015-12-19 at 03.00.12).jpg
    I recommend that you get one for ease of operations. Even if you have a N2Elite, it’s a great addition. Though if you plan to get the N^2's USB R/W then you might want to wait.
    I give it a 8/10 due to the following

    • Easy to use
    • Takes no time to understand and setup
    • Cheat Function
    • Easy to keep track of backups (more so with the PS app)
    • Nice additional tool for your N2Elite/Amiiqo
    • Tokens only hold one amiibo at a time so you need to get more of them if you have a large collection
    • Can't overwrite old backups, requiring more manual steps of you want to sort a certain way
    • Sorta limited/simple but has potential to grow
    Pick one up if you have the spare cash, though you may find yourself wanting a bit more.
    Quick update: About a day after my review, they fixed the saving problem so now it warns you if you want to overwrite a same name backup instead of no warning and no replacement!

    Lucina approves! lucy.jpg
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    Maxiam Maxconsole Forum Sponsor Loyal Member

    Jul 12, 2015
    Home Page:
    Great review :)

    Appreciated it ! will report to the team your comment :)


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    billysastard MaxConsole Co-Admin Loyal Member

    Aug 24, 2007
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    Home Page:
    sounds perfect to me (other than the overwrite option).

    just one question, does it only do amiibo or can it or will it do skylanders, infinity or whatever others?
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    Maxiam Maxconsole Forum Sponsor Loyal Member

    Jul 12, 2015
    Home Page:
    It's only for amiibo
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