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NBA 2K10 branded a 'scam', shipped with hundreds of bugs

Discussion in 'Archived General Gaming News' started by Zeus, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Zeus MaxConsole News Team

    May 29, 2003
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    One any GAF member has brought our attention to the poor quality of NBA 2K10. The retail version actually resembles a very early beta with around 60 items being identified in the first patch. But worst of all, there are still bugs such as freezing when you begin a second season. And this game costs $60, shouldn't 2K offer a refund?

    <blockquote>From DAY ONE there were multiple problems with the game. Here is the patch that was just recently released (which is comical in itself and I'll get to that in a second):


    - Improved game performance in all arenas and camera angles.

    - Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown in the paint in specific arenas.

    - Corrected a framerate issue that was causing noticeable slowdown during NBA D-League games.

    - Fixed an issue (online and offline) where Coach Settings were not properly saving to the user’s Settings file.

    - Addressed an issue where the user would enter into a game where there would either be no crowd present or the opposing team would not appear on the court.

    - Fixed an issue where users would get NBA Blacktop rules (no intentional fouls, no 3-in-the-key, etc.) turned on when attempting to play a Quick Game.

    - In-game saves should now load up correctly in the Playoffs game mode.

    - Users are now able to assign any jersey number to a player, on any team, when playing outside of The Association game mode.

    - Games played in the NBA D-League should now have appropriate sized crowds. (Note: this change will not be reflected in existing Associations and My Player careers.)

    - Fixed a slowdown issue during stoppages of play with created teams.

    - Made a change to where the value for headband colors is stored at. These changes can now be made through Living Roster releases once the patch is released. If you see any discrepancies, make sure and let the 2K Insider know!


    - Tuned shooting percentages across the board, particularly (points) in the paint where more shots are now initiated with contact.

    - Fixed a soft hang on an inbound where the inbounding player would miss the ball handoff from the referee.

    - Addressed issues in defensive rotations that didn’t function as intended in various situations, with particular attention to both post double team situations as well as in pick-and-roll situations.

    - Lead passes into the paint will now result in more tipped/deflected passes as the interior defense is now more aware of these types of passes.

    - Plays will no longer break when the user strays slightly from the intended path.

    - Both User/CPU alley-oop success has been toned down such that only realistic attempts should now be completed.

    - Assists should now only be credited to the passer at appropriate times.

    - Only 1 timeout is deducted from the total when the CPU calls a timeout for the user.

    - The CPU should no longer pass the ball to a teammate when the recipient has a foot out of bounds.

    - Bad passes should be less inaccurate now. They still happen with similar frequency, but some passes can be recovered now.

    - CPU players now have better logic behind their turbo energy management (which will keep them fresher for key moments in the game).

    - CPU players should now be more aware of being called for 3 second violations.

    - Defensive assist is now turned off when the ball is not in play.

    - The CPU now properly respects any changes to the Help Defense slider settings.

    - The dribbler should no longer teleport back a few feet on the court following a two player steal attempt.

    - Players with unique free throw stances (ex., Paul Pierce) will no longer slide into position to shoot the free throw.

    - Point Guards should no longer end up out of bounds during baseline inbounds coming out of a timeout or dead ball.

    - Fixed a case where the PG would run in a circle (in anticipation of receiving the ball) in the backcourt during transitions.

    - Players should no longer get stuck in the post in a single player hold-ball animation (often leading to a 24-second violation) when trying to drive to the basket.

    - Fixed an issue where the user was unable to give certain players their player-specific animation packages.

    - Fixed an issue with a baseline layup where opposing defenders weren’t able to create contact when the animation played out.

    - Addressed a specific dunk animation that would sometimes not result in a made basket despite a successful dunk.

    - The user should now notice more over-the-back calls on rebounds when the boxed out player attempts a rebound.

    - A good number of other changes aimed towards increasing user satisfaction have also been made in this release. These will be apparent as you play the game (ex. The referee will now utilize a bounce pass rather than a chest pass when passing the ball to the shooter during free throw situations, plays will now start quicker when the user manually calls a play, etc.).


    - During NBA Today/Association games, the ‘Upcoming Schedule’ overlay will no longer obstruct

    - Fixed an issue where the substitution overlay would sometimes briefly cover the action on the court.

    - Blank overlays should no longer quickly appear/disappear during gameplay.

    - Highlight/Halftime/Player of the Game/Replay options should now be working properly in Arena Music Manager.

    - Player specific custom sound events should now be working properly in Arena Music Manager.


    - Improved performance and stability for all online game types.

    - Corrected an issue in Team-Up play where all players would sometimes see the same player (PG) listed in all substitution slots.

    - Ranked game difficulty has been changed to SuperStar for Team-Up games.

    - Removed the spotlights for online play only to improve performance during stoppages of play.

    - Corrected an issue with the My Player Pick-Up games that would sometimes cause games to diverge upon initiation.

    - Fixed an issue where online Association games would diverge at halftime if neither user skipped through the presentation sequence.

    - Fixed an issue in Crew games where the wrong team would be credited with the win after one Crew quit out of the game.

    - Fixed a hang that would sometimes occur when making substitutions during an online Association game.

    - Fatigue should now behave as expected during private Team-Up games.

    - Fixed a hang in Who’s Online that would occur when the user scrolled quickly with a large number of friends on the list.

    - Replays uploaded via GameTrack should now play properly when viewed at 2ksports.com.

    - Fixed an issue with the Screenshot Upload feature that would sometimes upload an incorrect screenshot.

    - Fixed an issue where a user’s consecutive win streak would get reset to zero if the user won a game where his/her opponent quit out of the active game.

    - Fixed an issue in private matches with friends where all users would disconnect when attempting to play a second game.

    - Fixed an issue where games in online leagues would diverge if users made changes to the default roster.

    - Addressed an issue where completed ranked games would sometimes not report the results to the server.


    - Fixed an issue that would cause a clone of the user’s player to be created when changing teams at the end of the Summer Circuit. Existing cloned players will be removed with this patch.

    - Users can now change quarter length in My Player to any amount of minutes between 5 and 12.

    - Tuned the substitution logic such that users should no longer be substituted out only to be substituted in at the next dead ball.

    - The logic that determines whether or not you get an invite to Training Camp, make the NBA team, and get an invite from an NBA team while in the NBA D-League have all been changed to be a little more forgiving.

    - Resolved an issue where the 2K Insider was not informing the user of his/her contract status at the conclusion of a 10-day contract.

    - Animation packages will no longer be reset to the ‘best’ package every time a corresponding attribute is upgraded.

    - The user’s ‘Drills Remaining’ value will now be properly saved as new drills are accumulated throughout the NBA/D-League season.


    - The ability for the user to upload their Association stats/standings to the blog interface on 2KSports.com has been added.

    - Fixed an issue where player ratings would drop upon the successful completion of a Development Drill.

    - Tuned the Player Progression system such that Shot Tendencies will progress/regress over a player’s career. Additionally, general Player Progression/Regression has been slightly increased as well.

    - Fixed an issue where the number of players the user had sent down to their D-League affiliate wasn’t getting reset despite recalling players back to their NBA team.

    - Fixed an issue where draft classes loaded in future years would change the age of the prospects inside the draft class. They should now have the same age they were created with.

    - 10-day contracts should now work in year 2 and beyond.

    - Lower rated players should now be more accepting of the ‘Role Player’ role.

    - Stats accumulated during NBA D-League games will no longer register as Season/Career Highs for players.

    - Corrected an issue where users were able to continue drafting players once the NBA Draft had ended.

    - Users should no longer have an obstructed view of the court when performing Development Drills.

    - Users should no longer be able to see the overall rating of players during the NBA Draft.

    - Corrected an issue where backloaded contracts were getting incorrectly multiplied in the latter years of the contract.

    Holy. Shit.

    You can't tell me these con artists didn't know what they fuck they were doing releasing their product like this. Look at all the shit in the patch. The game shipped day one with modes that didn't work, or, had so many problems it really was not worth playing. In other words, I PAID $60 FOR A FUCKING BETA.

    But..it gets better.

    Here on Sports-GAF I run the NBA2K online leagues. This season 20+ people bought this POS with the expectation that we were going to continue with our annual league. Guess what? That shit doesn't even work. The SECOND patch detailed above was supposed to fix the problems with leagues. But in typical 2k fashion, it didn't do shit.

    You can't do anything in the leagues. You make a trade the whole league fucks up and results in all kinds of network errors. You can't do ANYTHING. We had some people who bought 360s just to play in my league, and these fucks at 2k deliver a product that they know is fundamentally broken and not finished. This was after the 2k admin over at 2ksports.com was going on and mentioning how you can promote your leagues anywhere or whatever with some kind of nifty function. Well yeah, that would be AMAZING...if I could actually use a feature that I fucking paid $60 for.

    Okay so that's the online mode. What if you don't want to play online? How about the new My Player mode? This doozie of a mode lets you create a player and take him from a undrafted rookie through NBA Summer Circuit, NBA training camps, eventually a NBA squad etc.

    Sounds cool right?

    Not if your game won't let you play in a second season without it freezing. Not if there are CLONES of your created character showing up on the other team, thus screwing up your actual progress because the fucks decided to create TWO of you. Not if the game puts you on one team, but then turns around and puts you on another just for the fuck of it. Not if the stupid little NBA Insider keeps telling you over and over about new deals on the table...but there's really not because it's another dumbass bug in the game. Imagine that! Not if you have your created player suddenly deleted just because, well, 2k programmers thought that would be awesome.</blockquote>

    News Source: <a href="http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=379298" target="_blank">Neogaf</a>
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    kneehighspy Loyal Member

    Oct 20, 2003
    Early Retirement, Relaxation

    way too many bugs for a shipping title.

    but it's good to know that the original poster blocked out all the dirty words, well except '****' (f.u.c.k) this and '****'' (f.u.c.k) that. wouldn't really have liked seeing the word **** (s.h.i.t) that was **** (s.h.i.t) blocked so many times. appreciate the censorship.

    ** good to see that mc censors the dirty words too, except in original topics that responded to .....
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    maxRus Loyal Member

    Sep 28, 2005
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Did you really have to Quote the 1st post? LOL. I had to scroll like 50 times to see what you wrote. Anyway I hate Sport games!
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    ASSPOP Loyal Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    lol fifa 10 came with around 80 bugs.
  5. 3,798

    iLLNESS Loyal Member

    Aug 26, 2005
    HV Industrial Electrician, Mechanic + Emergency Re
    thats probably the worst set of fixed bugs ive seen.

    how in the **** did alot of that **** slip past by beta testing?
    oh i know, they knew about it from day 1... guaranteed these were known during pressing and started on fixing them before the game even shipped.

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    kama Loyal Member

    Jul 15, 2006
    I hate long sigs
    It's not the OP that blocked out the "dirty" words, it's the system that blocks these words.

    Why the fück did you quote the whole news post?
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    kneehighspy Loyal Member

    Oct 20, 2003
    Early Retirement, Relaxation
    i guess cause it's fucking fixed now.
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    billysastard MaxConsole Co-Admin Loyal Member

    Aug 24, 2007
    West Yorks, UK
    Home Page:
    welcome to the world of online consoles where any old beta is good enough to sell to the masses as it can always be patched later and the idiots who buy this crap will accept it because thats just how console games are now.

    any game that needs any kind of patch should be returned to the retailers for a full refund, they'd get sick of having to refund substandard crap and the publishers would soon get their act together again, just like they always used to after all this is the first generation of consoles that have tolerated these buggy pieces of crap to be sold.
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    ronaldospet Loyal Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    could be worse NHL has loads of blugs :D
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    legendofphil Loyal Member

    Apr 4, 2005
    Home Page:
    This could have been the result of a number of failures.
    (This list is formed from examples and not facts)

    Late start time - something has to give if the dev time is shorter

    Developer missed a target or two - this could have pushed back the timeline resulting in testing being late

    Change in direction part way through - same result rushed devs

    Poor testing - publishers fault there, testing is rarely handled internally anymore

    Layoffs - if less people worked on it they would need more time to complete

    It is easier now to release patches to fix a buggy game but this thing can stay with a company.
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    anitokyomics Loyal Member

    Aug 4, 2007
    Does this apply to the PlayStation 2 version? I hope not.
  12. 13,435

    billysastard MaxConsole Co-Admin Loyal Member

    Aug 24, 2007
    West Yorks, UK
    Home Page:

    you should be ok on ps2 (and wii) as those two consoles are not set up to allow game makers to sell you half a beta game then to fix the bugs when they are ready and then to sell you the rest of the game that should have been on the disc in the first place, ps2 and wii games are expected to be complete and fully working when you buy them.

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