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Need guide on Cobra ODE i am total noob.

Discussion in 'Russian 'Cobra ODE' Support' started by slayerain, Oct 8, 2019.

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    slayerain Loyal Member

    Oct 8, 2019
    I just bought used PS3 slim for my niece. Before I never even played it, so I don't know anything about playstations. Unfortunately there is so many information that my mind is blowing.
    I have PS3 slim 3003b updated on new version through internet.
    Question 1:
    Can i install Cobra ODE on it so it works?
    Question 2:
    Where can i buy Cobra ODE for my PS3? I checked aliexpress but they have only Cobra QSB bords which i assume only a part of Cobra ODE.
    Question 3:
    Do I need some sort of special software for Cobra ODE to work?

    Actually i would really appreciated if someone could explain or give a link on explanation how cobra work with PS3. I mean not just how to use it, how it generally works.

    I am sorry for pretty dumb for most of you questions. But it may take ages to find right information. I can solder it myself but i could use instructions. There is many videos about how to do it, i just want to make sure everything gonna work after ^_^

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