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need some help getting the ps3 up to date

Discussion in 'PS3 Modding Tutorials' started by callie4l, Sep 23, 2012.

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    callie4l Loyal Member

    Sep 23, 2012
    hello all i am needing help getting my ps3 up to date with everything that is going on right now im using the true blue dongle (works fine !! and all) but i know im not up to date with everything that is goin on first and formost i need to know if i still need that tru blue dongle to play the newer games and if not how can i re hack my ps3 so i dont have to use the dongle any more and i would also like to know if i can get my netflix working on my ps3 again i am on 3.55 (tru blue) (no rebug) and also how the hell do i update my multiman .......ohh yeah sorry 1 more thing where the hell do i find all the themes for the xmb and where can i get psn games at sorry i know this might now be the right section didnt know where else to post ......and if there is any tut for re hacking my ps3 i would also need it thanx in advance
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    PatrickBatman SCENE MOD Loyal Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    Switch to Kmeaw 3.55, get rid of tb modified files and replace with original files in the TB games, get paches from N0DRM, Duplex, EXEtrimALL and NRP on ps3scenefiles

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