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New 3ds (all regions) nvram installer and ds unblock FREE!

Discussion in '3DS Resellers & Services' started by Ronhero, May 9, 2015.

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    Ronhero Loyal Member

    Mar 11, 2014
    Arizona Bay
    Ok since a lot of people seem to have a hard time getting their new gateway to work with the N3DS I will be offering my services to the community almost free of charge

    Ultimately it will cost you aprox $13 for everything. Here is how it works.

    You send me your n3ds (priority flat rate mail box works perfect and cost $6) and paypal me $6 for return shipping and make sure your addresses is correct because shipping labels will be printed from PayPal.

    Here is what I will include:

    -Backup of System nand
    -Emunand Setup and updated to 9.5
    -System nand downgraded to use the DS profile exploit
    -Unlock the ability to use the Blue card to play DS games

    You will be able to play your gateway as soon as you get it back. I will return shipping within 24-48 if not faster.

    I do all model units USA, EUR and JAP with a same day turn around.

    I am not trying to make a profit I am just trying to help the community. I also do dual boot for the o3ds see here if you're interested, same deal oay shipping both ways and you got it.

    PM me for more details and services since some I don't wan to openly discuss here :pirate:
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    alertipo Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2015
    Normally I am a DIY kinda person but two reasons why I decided to give this a shot: 1) it seems there's a lot of conflicting/outdated information out there. 2) I don't have a copy of OOT or CN.

    All told, I sent out my N3DS last Saturday and got it back in 6 days - not bad at all. It actually should've been only 5 days if the Post Office delivered on time like they supposed to. On top of that, Ronhero was very responsive and kept me updated on the status.

    Great service! And thanks again!
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    luibee Loyal Member

    Aug 11, 2015
    great service. but can you do it with any firmware version of the N3ds?

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