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Nintendo Labo Combines the Magic of Nintendo Switch with the Fun of DIY Creations

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 18, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Jan 18, 2018 at 12:27 AM
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    Make, Play and Discover with Interactive DIY Kits for Nintendo Switch

    Make, Play, and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Simply have fun making DIY cardboard creations called Toy-Con, bring them to life with the technology of the Nintendo Switch system to play games, and discover the magic behind how Toy-Con works. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit includes five different projects to Make, Play, and Discover: two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike, and a Toy-Con Piano. Nintendo Switch system required (sold separately).
    Each Nintendo Labo kit packs plenty of value, with a range of ways to make, play and discover in each kit:

    For more information about Nintendo Labo, visit https://labo.nintendo.com. You can view a special introductory video about Nintendo Labo here.
    Remember that Nintendo Switch features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about other features, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/features.

    *Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Actual price may vary.
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 18, 2018.

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