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Nintendo Should Trash Consoles and Go All in With Games

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 27, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Oct 27, 2016 at 10:44 PM
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    Even Nintendo knows the truth, that their new Switch, will sell infact WORSE than their previous Wii U console did!

    The launch of the Nintendo Switch, the new transforming mobile/home console, made fanboys’ hearts palpitate, but sent investors running. The company’s stock dipped 10 percent and The Wall Street Journal reported investors are calling on Nintendo to give up on the console market and move to mobile.


    Nintendo itself had high hopes when they released their 'teaser trailer' last week, but afterwards 'investors' went to the toliet and threw up, and then dumped their Nintendo holdings big time, causing the stock to nose-dive to the sewer, even shocking the President of Nintendo on why that occurred.

    But afterwards, Nintendo released their 'hopes' for selling the Switch which will launch in early March, and they told investors that at least 2 million will be sold before March ends, but if you dig into figures over the past of Nintendo's history, that is really bad, that means big 'N' themselves knows already the Nintendo Switch is DOOMed, because their previous system the Wii U sold 3.06 Million in the same period, so the truth is out there, even Nintendo thinks their new concept of 'video gaming' will SELL WORSE than the Wii U.

    So when you factor in all the news, it brings us to the point of this news article, people worldwide, from investors, to long-time gamers, to new gamers, to outsiders, think even after Nintendo demo'ed their teaser for the Switch, they should just GIVE UP, and call it GAME OVER for their hardware business, and go all-in with releasing popular games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run on mobile devices and other platforms, and forgot about ever recapturing the dream of being at the top in dedicated hardware again.

    So what do you think about all the above news, and the main fact that even Nintendo themselves have basically stated they are saying their new Switch will SELL WORSE than the Wii U did when it was launched, and that was before all the PS4 and XB1 entered the marketplace, so even now, selling 2 million units within 30 days might be a big huge jump, and I predicted it will be more like 1.6 mil.

    NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Should Trash Consoles and Go All in With Games (via) HeatStreet
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 27, 2016.

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      WoIverine Loyal Member

      Sep 27, 2007
      Behold, the train wreck cometh, April 17. I believe Nintendo sold a bunch of assets recently, so they should be in a good position to absorb the Switch console failure and hopefully try again. Dear God Nintendo, please learn from this, it's becoming painful to watch. I'd love to play the new Zelda on PS4, where it would probably sell more copies than it would on a dedicated Nintendo console itself.
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      tech3475 Loyal Member

      Jul 2, 2007
      A console-less Nintendo concerns me though, people may say 'finally I can play Zelda on my Playstation' but a decade from now we may end up with another Sega or they stop making the games people want because they find money elsewhere e.g. mobile.

      Plus it seems to also make them look at games others wouldn't make e.g. Bayonetta 2 or (possibly) Beyond Good and Evil 2.

      One thing to remember is that the Switch is being launched post christmas and I wonder if the reason for the low number is to be realistic or to give a low number to hopefully improve the figures down the line.
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      Dinic Loyal Member

      Dec 16, 2005
      I said this a few years ago, I want my N games on PS4/PC/X1. They are behind times, and are like living in their own little bubble...
      Wake up Nintendo, and come out of this coma! Bring us the games. Home consoles is not their territory anymore...

      ...but, I also love handheld gaming, so I would love to see N3DS successor ...but doubt it, mobiles are taking over with tons of zombie games, infinite runners and that kind of crap :'(
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      Ninjaman Loyal Member

      Jul 16, 2005
      I've been saying this for years. Make a deal with Microsoft or Sony. The deal would be Nintendo gains all royalties from their game sales(I believe this would be the main reason why Nintendo does not want to develop games for other consoles). Microsoft or Sony would jump on this...as this would ultimately increase their hardware sales. Which one would they go for?...is the question. Fellow Japanese company Sony whom they have had bad business decision in their past(which led to the Playstation) or the opposite and develop for an American company....or they could develop for both consoles and still make tons of profit. Not only by developing new Mario, Zelda, Metroid and other titles, but also bringing back all the classics for the Playstation Store/Microsoft Marketplace.
      Wake up Nintendo....wait too long and you'll end up making playing cards again.

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