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Nintendo Targets Seller of ‘Pirate’ Retro Gaming System

Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Jun 10, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Jun 10, 2017 at 2:25 PM
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    Just because we officially stopped the NES Classic, does not mean you can go sell your own similar one!

    A man who sold retro-gaming systems with thousands of installed games has faced the wrath of Nintendo and Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN.
    Nintendo when they released their NES Classic last Holiday Season, caused a surge in people craving to play the old Classic Retro Games again, but the problem is that means if you not happy with fact big 'N' only included 30 games, and also stopped producing their NES Classic, which means you have to cross the line over to buying a 'pirated' setup of Emulator, Hardware and ROM Dumps!
    retrogame1.png retrogame2.png
    Of course this seller crossed the line to far by including the 'ROMs' themselves with the system, instead of leaving it up to the customer to find them on their own, but it shows there is big market out their for 'retro gaming', but it also shows Nintendo going to be very hard core on cracking down on any of this type of 'market' operating out there as they want to control their old games forever! :)

    NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Targets Seller of ‘Pirate’ Retro Gaming System (via) TorrentFreak
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Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Jun 10, 2017.

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      Nintendo doesn't really seem to understand basic supply and demand most of the time.

      There's a huge demand for these kinds of things and Nintendo didn't even half-ass their efforts in meeting said demand, haven't done so since the Wii and even that was fraught with error.

      They were probably hoping to rekindle some of that demand and then take advantage of it with the switch, but chances are that won't come close to meeting the demand and at the price Nintendo expects people to pay, they are going to be disappointed. Few people are willing to pay what Nintendo wants for such a piss poor selection of the same games they most likely already bought 2-3 times already. You can only be screwed so many times before your ass gets sore.

      That said. it was a stupid idea for this seller to try to meet demand the way he did. It's to be expected that when Nintendo utterly failed to meet the demand they tried to create, that the free market would step in, But we don't have a truly free market and as the seller found out, Nintendo loves to take advantage of that fact. There are plenty of ways to get around this however. One could build a raspberry pi for instance or use a similar device and install different emulators in them which is likely what this machine is. A smarter seller would likely stop short of actually putting roms on it. This means any roms the consumer puts on it was ripped by them or pirated themselves, but regardless the seller would be in the clear. I'd argue that it's probably better to not even put the emulators on there, since many emulator devs have licenses that forbid that, at least without permission. Hyperkin ran into an issue like that.

      Regardless, Nintendo really needs to get it's shit together. They're like a dog guarding two food bowls. They don't want any of it, but they sure as hell don't want you to have any of it either so they guard both bowls. Trying to shut down people meeting demand but yet not meeting that demand themselves, it really makes them look bad. Ideally they could take a page out of Sega's page book by releasing these old games at really cheap prices on multiple platforms. I ended up getting around 30 sega genesis games for ~$8 on bundlestars a few months ago. This got me the games on steam through Sega's Genesis emulator which is pretty good. It even has romhack support built into the workshop. So even if somebody was completely against using their own emulator, the official one to play legally purchased games is more than sufficient. They don't bloat the games either. It uses one emulator and the roms are downloaded separately and treated as DLC. Granted romhacks are treated as separate roms rather than patches, but even still the file sizes are pretty small. In comparison, Nintendo's VC releases are expensive, and the emulator is super basic compared to most emulators. There's no romhack support, and the releases are all bloated. For instance, on the 3ds all of my nes vc releases are about 50mb apiece, but nes roms are usually half a mb at most, And since the 3ds has a limit of how many titles can be shown on the home menu, many users just go straight for emulators if their systems are hacked. It's been that way since the wii where the homebrew emulator was far better.

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