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Discussion in 'PSVita General Gaming Discussion' started by mallrats, May 17, 2018.

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    mallrats Loyal Member

    Jul 12, 2014
    I added a couple of features and changed the link to open a Google image search. It contains no copyrighted source, keys, etc.

    Added features include:
    • Toggle download status of titles
    • A better search that breaks the search string at a space character. It thus, will show all titles with the words/partial words. Also, it supports removing titles from a search based on terms prefixed with '-'. Ex: 3.61 -3.67
    • Toggle between showing titles based on their downloaded status
    • Purple highlighting of downloaded titles with new DLC
    • Prefixes DLC with [DLC] where {titlename} tag is used
    • Added {fwversion} tag
    • Parsing of the title name to exclude references to firmware version
    • Fixed an oversight by the original dev where using Download All DLCs left the title name blank
    • Added Download All to get the title and all DLCs at once

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