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Official MaxConsole Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case Review

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by realtimesave, Jun 27, 2018.

By realtimesave on Jun 27, 2018 at 6:17 PM
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    realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

    Oct 5, 2013
    MaxConsole Official Review of the: RDS Industries Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
    This is the official Nintendo carrying case for the Nintendo Switch home entertainment console.

    Features listed on the package:
    1. Deluxe Travel Case
    2. Game Card Case 2 pcs
    3. Micro SD Card Case 2 pcs
    As with any handheld console, one must take care in owning it. This travel case promises to hold and protect the switch as well as being durable with a 1680D hard shell for maximum protection. To be fair, this case does cost a little bit more than other, more plain, cases available, but it has a much more stylish look than the competition.

    IMG_4999.JPG IMG_5000.JPG

    At MaxConsole, we strive to give you reviews on the latest and best quality Nintendo Switch products and this is no exception. We will take a close look at this carrying case and showcase what it delivers in terms of style and functionality.

    IMG_5018.JPG IMG_5002.JPG

    A closer look of the package immediately shows us what is inside.

    Nintendo’s licensed carrying case is surrounded by a cardboard sheet that details what’s inside as well as features such as durability and its contents. What it does not explain is that there is also a small pouch inside for putting more accessories in. This pouch will prove to be very useful for us modding fans a little later on in the review. Since this is a “customer return” item, the packaging turned out to be ripped and taped back together. This does not affect the item at all. It came in brand new condition.

    IMG_5003.JPG IMG_5004.JPG IMG_5005.JPG

    The carrying case is very stylish, sporting the official Nintendo Switch logo on front as well as on the zipper fob. The zipper itself glides along a white, black, and red seam when opening or closing. Let’s take a look inside.


    Foam packaging material protects all of the internals of this case during shipping. These, and a small sheet of paper, are easily removed from the product in order to store the system and games inside.

    IMG_5008.JPG IMG_5010.JPG IMG_5012.JPG IMG_5013.JPG

    To my surprise, this carrying case came with not only cartridge protectors (which store 4 official cartridges in each of the two containers) but also two MicroSD card holders (one inside of each container). This is very useful because they conveniently store MicroSD cards as they are added to the system’s library. In all, these containers hold 8 official Nintendo Switch cartridges and 4 MicroSD cards.


    The small pouch that rests above the console before closing the case can be used to put accessories in, such as the Team Xecuter SX Pro dongle and jig, earbuds, and a cleaning cloth. This is very useful because these types of items will not fit in the game storage containers that reside underneath the console in the case.

    This feels like a very sturdy case and will provide the end user with many years of protection of the game console, games, small accessories, and MicroSD cards.

    IMG_5009.JPG IMG_5014.JPG

    IMG_5015.JPG IMG_5016.JPG


    I found this case to be sufficient enough for my console needs, but it does not have enough space for a pro controller or other larger gaming accessories. Some people look for that in a case which is understandable and there are larger cases out there to accommodate those needs.

    Over all, I would give this case a solid A due to it being officially licensed and of high build quality.

    • Stylish design with the Nintendo Switch logo on the front.
    • Fits the Nintendo Switch system with joycon controllers attached.
    • Fits a total of 8 official cartridges in two transparent red cases.
    • Fits a total of 4 MicroSD cards inside the transparent red cases.
    • MicroSD card cases can easily be removed and placed inside the pouch if necessary.
    • Small pouch inside that can hold small gaming accessories.
    • Zipper with a stylish Nintendo Switch logo fob.
    • Has a carrying handle.
    • 1680D hard shell case surrounds everything placed inside.
    • Too small for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
    • Can’t be used while playing games with the joycons attached to the system (just take the system out of the carrying case for play or disconnect the joycons and use them wirelessly).
    • Not very thin, compared to the size of the console.
    • Might not be able to withstand heavy impacts.
    I would like to thank the eBay seller cwvnfsales for the good deal of $14.99 including shipping for this high quality product. This item was a “customer return” to some shop and he is re-selling them and a discounted price. I was happy to find a good price on an officially licensed product.

    The suggested retail price on this carrying case is $24.99. MaxConsole recommends this product and you can get it for a limited time on eBay from the seller mentioned above for $14.99 including shipping:


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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by realtimesave, Jun 27, 2018.

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