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OLDSKOOL - Famous Nintendo Scene Group - Returns with 3 New Releases

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by ub3r1337, Apr 28, 2018.

By ub3r1337 on Apr 28, 2018 at 11:50 PM
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    Jul 2, 2015
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    OLDSKOOL in the past released a ton of games, and now they just released 'Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill, unreleased SNES

    Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill made history when a prototype was discovered, and then in form of Kickstarter last year it was released finally in brand-new SNES cartridge format, but in true spirit of real warez scene group, OLDSKOOL has now released the dump of it, along with two new 'intro/changers' for games Hind Strike and Creepy Bird, along with nice letter to the whole scene regarding recent and past drama that always seems to drag down the all spirit of just enjoying our consoles in ways official companies don't love!
      April 22nd in the year MMXVIII of the Lord.
      |                                         __________                    |
      |  __/\____           _________           \        /         (-fAZ!)    |
      | / /      \         /\       /      ______\      /\____                |
      _/_/   \_   \_    ___\_\     /      /\     /   __/      \   ________    |
      \ \     /    /____\    /    /______/_/          \   \_   \_/\      /    |
      |\ \________/     /  _/    /   _____/     \______\   /    /\/     /\    |
      | \/_______/     /\________\___   /________\_____/_______/ /     /  \   |
      |      /_/      /  \________/     \________// /      \___\/__________\  |
      |      \ \__________\   \ \________\      _/_/   \_   \_  \__________/  |
      |       \/__________/    \/________/      \/\     /    /                |
      |__________________________________________\ \________/_________________|
          This  is a scene note  from  your friendly releaser  amptor/os.
          I was given permission a long time ago from Fazwonga to release
          games  whenever I want under  the Oldskool name.  If some angry
          "scener" out  there doesn't like it  (you know who you are, and
          I removed  your little group from the  greets in the nfo file a
          long time ago), life is tough isn't it.
          I will  not be using nfo  files to doxx nor  flame people.  Nor
          will I  misbehave like a true lamer and doxx under iND.   Those
          DS  releases by "amptor" are fake releases and should have been
          nuked  a long time ago.  People in charge of pre  databases had
          the  chance to legitimately  remove those releases,  but failed
          to do so.  They did remove other slander against me in the past
          so  what is the difference?   I have never dumped  and released
          even one Nintendo DS game in my entire life.  The punk ass that
          released  those games  has  his  real name  and street  address
          spammed  all over the world wide  web and has been  shunned for
          numerous  reasons by the scene due to the fact that himself and
          his  group are sloppy as fuck.  I am surprised that Nintendo of
          America  never came  after  his ass.   After all,  he  released
          hundreds  of DS, Gamecube, and  Wii titles  without  hiding his
          true  identity online.   There is no need to  mention  his name
          here because you guys already know who he is.  He has a big OCD
          fascination  with children and raising a family.  Good for him,
          but  what  the  fuck  does that  have to do  with the  scene or
          dumping, playing, or collecting video games?  Nothing at all.
          Fake releases are as follows:
          Princess_Debut_USA_NDS-amptor       (amptor-princess.debut.rar)
          Princess_On_Ice_JPN_NDS-amptor   (amptor-princess.on.ice.j.rar)
          All of these releases contain homophobic nfo files and you know
          what  they say about homophoboes,  often times the homophobe is
          in fact the homosexual to begin with.  We aren't  living in the
          old  days where it was more  acceptable to poke  fun  and  make
          rude  comments such as these.  Everyone has the  right to enjoy
          playing  video games,  regardless  of their nationality,  race,
          sexual  orientation,  sex,  or  creed.  By  making  these kinds
          of slanderous comments  shows a pure lack of intelligence, lack
          of integrity, and an obvious disdain for your own kind.
          I  don't know what is more  stupid: purchasing  shovelware with
          money  to release online  (albeit without hiding  your personal
          family   information,  street address  [a  quick google  search
          shows that you live in Kansas City, Missouri now] and let alone
          your Verizon Fios  fixed IP address  which also runs  a massive
          warez  FTP) or being  a psychotic mess online and disrespecting
          your friends. Both are truely idiotic.
          I  won't be mentioning bad  tempered group names here or  in OS
          nfo files.  You guys know who you are and you are suppose to be
          adults.   So stop acting like kids and let us enjoy  the hobby.
          We  did not get into this hobby to cry online about  our family
          difficulties  or other things in our personal lives.   Also you
          have seen in the past what I do when negativity arises, I don't
          give up and I mainly don't give up to piss you off even more!
          I  am also not here to be your personal "therapist" on efnet or
          to  figure out why you  skewed  what I said to you and  used it
          against me online all over the place like a fucking retard.   I
          was trying to be a friend.   But it looks to me like friendship
          only  resides in groups like Oldskool and Quasar which  are the
          first groups that invited me to release files for them.
          Shout  outs  will  only  be  given to  those whom  deserve  it.
          If  you like the game, please support the developer and buy it.
          Consider  this  ROM file  to  be a preview before you  buy  the
          actual physical game cart.
          If  you don't like that Oldskool released the game, tough shit.
          If  you don't agree  with  how this game was released,  I don't
          care.  We aren't here to babysit your "group" or its "members".
          Also,  a word about coding.   If you spam everywhere  that your
          group doesn't help others to code for consoles, you are a fool.
          I  have learned coding and  one of the best things about  it is
          sharing ideas and learning more by helping others.
    Part of os-socks.nfo:
    Part of os-hind.nfo:
    Part of os-birdf.nfo:
    Instead of spending hours searching the usual sources of file-sharing sites, we have directly shared the 3 releases for you below! :)

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Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by ub3r1337, Apr 28, 2018.

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