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Onikuma K1 Pro Gaming Headset

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Jan 21, 2019.

By SonyUSA on Jan 21, 2019 at 5:18 AM
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    Onikuma K1 Pro Gaming Headset

    Another product from the Onikuma series has come down the line and today we will take a quick look at the features and functionality of the K1 Pro Gaming Headset. Let's hop right in with a few official product images and feature list:

    As you can see, the features list is very conservative, but at a price point of around $25 there wasn't much to be expected from the headset right up front. Unfortunately, my box was ruined by a combination of the inclement weather and my local post couriers, so I wasn't able to take a suitable photo of the box-- however, the headphones came packed with a multi-language instruction manual and a very handy breakout cable.

    The breakout cable is about 10 inches long and changes over the built in 4-pin 3.5mm end to dual 3-pin 3.5mm ends, so no matter which type your device can handle, it's ready to go straight out of the box. Both the extension cable and the built in cable are protected by a thick, high quality material that feels like a soft nylon and have nice, chunky rubber insulators at the connection points to help protect against kinking/shorting. The built in cable also has a USB connector, however this is only used to power the LEDs on the headset, and does not function as an audio connector.


    The headset cable also has an in-line volume control knob and microphone mute switch, which is perfect for devices without easy access to volume controls or for quickly lowing the volume or muting the microphone in certain situations.

    The headset is quite large and very chunky, with no way to fold or compact the design, making it not so attractive in terms of portability. The cushions over the ears and on the headband are nice and plush and the plastic design is thick and feels very durable.

    2.png 3.png

    Plugging the headset into my speakers gave sub-par volume levels even at maximum volume. Plugging the headset directly into my front panel triggered my audio software to properly detect the devices impedance and automatically adjusted the output to proper levels, giving me plenty of volume output.

    Bass and highs were lacking, and mids were passable in audio tests. I tried the headset out on my Android phone and was able to hear the call clearly, and the person on the other end was able to hear me as well-- except when I bumped or otherwise moved the cable. In those cases, the callers voice would echo back to them, which I couldn't accurately conclude was the fault of the headset or the phone's jack design (Galaxy Note 9), though I suspect it was the 4-pin connector bleeding output into the mic input when it was shifted.

    The most surprising aspect of the headset was the comfort. When I put it on for my initial impressions, I completely forgot it was there and wore it for nearly 6 hours straight in a marathon gaming session. I typically wear expensive AKG or Samsung headsets at my PC, and those start to cause discomfort and tender spots at around 2 hours. This may just be a personal experience, but they are actually the most comfortable over-ear headphones I have ever worn, and I find myself reaching for them instead of my more expensive sets when I just want to listen to some light music or watch a movie on my second screen while working.

    The audio quality is, unsurprisingly, average for a budget headset (though you could certainly do a lot worse) but the inclusion of the different connector types and the fun design with LED illumination as well as the reinforced cables make this a very noteworthy entry. I could easily see these filling up the desks of a LAN cafe or distributed at a Frag-fest as a cheap but reliable option for event coordinators.

    MORE PRODUCT INFO: --> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K33PT75
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Jan 21, 2019.

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