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Online Streaming Favouring Football Fans in Thailand

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 7, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Feb 7, 2018 at 11:12 AM
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    Over the past few years, online streaming, especially football and movies, has swept over the nation as audiences look for alternative ways to watch their favourite content.

    With acceptable prices, advances in technology, and increasing accessibility, many people are beginning to realize the upside of turning to the internet in order to consume their favourite entertainment material. Football in particular, especially the English Premier League, is known for its vast popularity in Thailand, with Manchester United and Liverpool amongst the most followed clubs in the region.

    As the demand for quality matches increases, the people of Thailand are already adapting to the ever changing market in which we consume media.

    Services such as beIN Sports Connect are now serving as the supply for this demand, giving people an easier route to accepting the fact that agreeing with the terms of traditional broadcasters might not be the way of the future.

    Everybody Enjoys a Discount: Pay to Watch What You Need

    In Thailand, pricing is considered a major influence when making decisions, especially when it comes to having it comes to seeing money leaving your bank account on a monthly basis. In the past, anyone who wants to watch the English Premier League live on TV will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to one sole broadcaster.

    The pay and watch system might sound easy enough, but what we aren’t told is that we are paying a premium for something we don’t even need. The fees that we choose to pay not only funds our desire to watch top quality football matches, but also covers a host of other channels that many people only see by pushing the remote one too many times.

    beIN Sports Is an Affordable Way of Streaming Football in Thailand

    It’s time to accept the fact that streaming services like beIN Sports Connect are indeed giving us the discount of a lifetime. With applications like these, football fans are no longer obligated to sign a yearly subscription contract, holding them hostage to the fact that they will never touch the TV remote during the off-season, unless the World Cup or the Euros are on.

    Although it may seem like a small alteration in payment style, the fact that there are offers of 49 THB for 1 day (24 hours) of streaming is revolutionizing how audiences are consuming media on their own terms. Other options include the weekly rate of 99 THB, the monthly rate of 199 THB, and the yearly rate of 1599 THB.

    These packages are indeed cheaper than traditional broadcasters, plus you get a sense of safety and reliability when choosing officially registered applications. If you can accept the fact that you spend over 50 THB drinking a nice cup of coffee, then 49 THB to watch a day’s worth of English Premier League matches is pretty much like winning the ‘Jackpot’!

    The Influence of Football on Thai People: They Absolutely Love It

    During a night out in Thailand, you are guaranteed to come across a venue which shows football matches live. This is down to the fact that this sport is a huge part of the culture in this region, with almost every pub or restaurant, not only the sports bar, making football available on their screens.

    Even as bands play live music, football is one of the few types of content shown on TV that can stop a person dancing in their tracks.

    No matter how much fun your night is going, everyone will stop what they’re doing and turn to the TV as soon as Liverpool grabs the winning goal, or if Manchester United are going into overdrive during the final few minutes of a match.

    Given the hypnotic power that football has on the audience, as well as the ability to bring people together to support the same cause, the need for business establishments to provide footballing content is more important than ever.

    Therefore, if the best movie in history is unable to grab the attention of a group of people dancing in the pub, why should the venue pay any sort of subscription package for content that is surely not needed, or that doesn’t go well with music?

    In this regard, as well as the desire to have the cheapest alternatives, streaming football online easily takes the cake when it comes down to picking between traditional broadcasters and this new alternative.

    Embracing a New Experience that Will Redefine the Entire Sports Industry

    Technology, whether we like it or not, is creeping into every aspect of our lives, from communication to our health, so when it comes to the way we consume football, it is no different.

    There are only a number of things to check off the list in order to watch your favourite football team go head to head with their biggest rivals, and quality and accessibility are the two of them. If the content is accessible, but the quality is unacceptable, or vice versa, this will inevitably lead to a bad experience.

    With this in mind, along with the advancement in technology, we can now watch top-notch content on a device which fits into our pocket. A typical mobile device is now capable of streaming material in full HD quality and even transfers it onto a large TV without any distortion.

    With perks like this, it’s no wonder Thai people, who are already known for their high addiction to their phones, are loving the fact that they can watch Arsenal take on Chelsea while sitting in a taxi, stuck in rush hour traffic. All that is needed to reap in the benefits of online streaming is access to 4G or WiFi, all which are pretty much available throughout Thailand.

    During the decision making process, if we take the influence of money and quality out of the equation, the next important point will be accessibility.

    The benefits of online streaming applications such as beIN Sports Connect is their ability to provide football content of all types to a target that only cares about one thing, football.

    As simple as it may sound, this is a big deal because the way things were previously was that a customer might not have access to lower tier leagues as it might not be as financially profitable when compared to more popular ones like the French Ligue 1 or the Italian Serie A.

    However, with the live streaming application at your disposal, you can now reach a wide range of content, specifically designed in your favour; especially thanks to the playback capabilities and the versatility these services provide.

    Football Streaming Here to Stay and Impulse the Cord Cutting in Thailand

    There is absolutely no overlooking online football streaming when it comes to the Thai marketplace. Affordable prices make the service reachable for all target groups, capable of giving football fans a choice when picking the package type which best suits them.

    With its versatility and accessibility, anyone can stream content in HD, whether on their phones while sitting in the car, or shared through a Smart TV in any location via the internet.

    Due to the immense number of football fans in this region, everyone has different preference when it comes to cheering for their favourite team, so the option of having all football related content under one application completely surpasses any sort of traditional broadcasting platform.

    With more positives than there are negatives in regards to online football streaming in Thailand, services such as beIN Sports Connect have already found a place to call home.
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Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 7, 2018.

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