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Original JJR/C H53W Shadow Wifi FPV 480P Camera Foldable Mini Drone

Discussion in 'Cafago Special Deals And Promotions' started by GaryOPA, Feb 8, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Feb 8, 2018 at 3:38 PM
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    Here comes mini JJR/C H53W, its debut makes UAV no longer MACHINE but the flying elf, making a breakthrough of imagination margin. Equipped with 480P Camera, H53W is ready to give it a full shot to reinvent your vision from a new prospective. With the portable protective bag, you can go outside with the drone easily! Are you hesitating for what? Take this little cute drone home! And best of all you can get into the new era of enjoying flying drones for only $25.99 when ordering today using the following Coupon Code of: SK9492, but you need to hurry as this limited special offer expires on Feb. 28th.
    CHECK IT OUT TODAY: --> https://goo.gl/kQDJdr

    RM9492-1-8120-5inv.jpg RM9492-1-8120-7cpL.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-74LS.jpg RM9492-1-8120-bL2Q.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-CAId.jpg RM9492-1-8120-CfKF.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-CKD9.jpg RM9492-1-8120-cRRW.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-f252.jpg RM9492-1-8120-FFQT.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-frxz.jpg RM9492-1-8120-JyrS.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-Ku9q.jpg RM9492-1-8120-mRxv.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-MU6p.jpg RM9492-1-8120-PJtW.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-PWma.jpg RM9492-1-8120-Qsaz.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-t4Mp.jpg RM9492-1-8120-tBDo.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-tSPE.jpg RM9492-1-8120-vCWr.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-WvF2.jpg RM9492-1-8120-YxmJ.jpg

    RM9492-1-8120-z0Hb.jpg RM9492-1-8120-zzpl.jpg


Discussion in 'Cafago Special Deals And Promotions' started by GaryOPA, Feb 8, 2018.

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