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Discussion in 'Codename: REBUG PS3 CFW Releases and Support' started by ILOVECARZ95, Aug 27, 2019.

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    ILOVECARZ95 Loyal Member

    Aug 27, 2019
    hi all,

    brand new here and really hope this is in the right place. The reason for my post is because I have recently installed rebug 4.84 DEX I think, it shows as CEX in the system info on the rebug toolbox however I did convert to DEX which was amazingly easy even for a complete novice like me, as I read up that I could install package files with no hassle in Dex mode but as it wasn't to be I converted back to CEX again, super painless to do. I love Rebug it was super easy to install and have had no faults with it well the only fault I have is installing package files for game DLC is simply not working I installed all gran turismo 5 dlc then installed the rap files using psnpatch however none of this DLC has activated in game at all, I have tried many things to do it I had HAN toolbox installed and tried enabling Han before installing dlc packages to no avail also side not many Han functions for me freeze my ps3 totally also on ps3exploit dumping my act.dat and dips files totally freezes my ps3 so its not even like I can try resigning package files before installation as I wanted to try as not to be a pain and post in forums for nothing but I read that with CFW I would not need to use the ps3 designer but am still open to the idea totally so long as I can dump the files needed, I tried different storage media but nothing worked. It maybe important to note my PS3 Is the 80gb model CECHL03.


    PS3 Model: 80gb CECHL03

    CFW: Rebug 4.84 CEX or REX officially

    Problem: Package DLC won't activate

    DLC Not working: Gran Turismo 5 DLC and also the Blow It Up Again DLC for Mercenaries 2 (it shows in game data menu but also doesn't activate in game)

    Thank you very much again and am sorry if this is in the wrong place. And also if anyone does fancy the challenge and I can provide anymore info please do tell me as I will be more than happy to help.
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