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PlayStation 3 Backup Games now working on OFW v4.70 PS3

Discussion in 'Underground PlayStation Scene' started by GaryOPA, Nov 6, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Nov 6, 2016 at 11:53 AM
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    No more need for older PS3 running Custom Firmware, or ODE (Optical Drive Emulator), as OFW v4.70 been CRACKED!

    Never say Never, the impossible has been done, this new way of running pirated games on PlayStation 3, is just amazing as when the first USB dongle appeared on v3.41, now the world of original v4.70 which is alot of newer PS3 Slim's has been fully cracked!


    Amazing news this morning for the PlayStation 3 scene, thanks to well written tutorial on the Russian PSPX Scene site, we can now all enjoy playing pirated (sorry, backups) games on our original v4.70 PS3 firmware, without the need of any ODE or other MODS, just follow the steps and enjoy playing your games, and this will greatly help out those with newer PS3 Slim's that can't be downgraded to custom firmwares, and for those that hate all that disc-swapping that ODE needs on the later firmwares and slims.

    Now you can run pirated games on the PS3 OFW 4.70 consoles without any ODE and IDPS

    What you will need:
    • The Disc version of the Game and the Patches for it!
    • Converter: GAME_CONVERT.zip
    • Injector: TrueAncestor - The BACKUP Injector
    • Hex Editor: HxD - The Hex Editor is Freeware
    • make_npdata: (Complied version inside GAME_CONVERT)
    • PkgView: (Latest version 1.3 is needed)
    (All the above needed tools are attached below inside one ZIP file!)

    THE FIRST PART: (Convert PS3 Game / Modify License)

    THE SECOND PART: (Create/Modify License) <-- Only needed, if one was NOT included in your (cough) 'backup'!

    THE THIRD PART: (Repack ISO to PKG and Inject Backup to PS3)

    So there you go, the tools and secrets are out there in the wild now thanks to the russians, so now all can enjoy playing 'backups' on their original PS3 console!

    NEWS SOURCE: Запуск пираток на PS3 OFW 4.70 (via) PSPX

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Discussion in 'Underground PlayStation Scene' started by GaryOPA, Nov 6, 2016.

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