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Playstation Network’s ID change is going to be a reality

Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 10, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Oct 10, 2018 at 2:36 PM
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    It’s been a long wait, a wait that seemed endless and just for a technically rather simple feature.

    What are we talking about? The fact that Sony has officially announced via its communication channels that it will be possible to change the gamers’ ID on their PlayStation Network.

    However, this new ID change will not be available for everyone right away but will proceed in two different stages. So, how will it work? Like a lottery without even having a heart bingo promo code 2018 and no official dates? Luckily not, because at the end of November members of the PlayStation Preview Program and users who pre-registered as testers for previous beta versions of the PlayStation 4 system software will be the first ones allowed to change their PSN online ID. After this first test phase, save unexpected events, all members of the PlayStation Network will be able to freely change the name of their ID from the beginning of 2019.

    There is one aspect, however, that Sony has already made clear: the first ID name change on the PlayStation Network will be completely free, while for subsequent changes it is expected to cost 9.99 euros. This method is similar to the one already adopted for years now on Xbox Live with a further peculiar feature: members of a PlayStation Plus subscription will have a 50% discount and therefore their ID change will cost only 4.99 euros. Changes of the online ID, when it becomes available, can be done simply via the Settings menu or the Profile page of your Sony signed console.

    If you already can not wait to change your ID on PSN, however, please pay attention to this detail: Sony made it clear in its official presentation that the ID change is certainly compatible with all the games published on PlayStation 4 from April 1st of this year and with an unspecified "great majority" of PS4 games released before that date. However, the compatibility of the new ID on these products is not 100% guaranteed at all.

    Therefore, gamers could occasionally come across problems or errors in certain games. If for any reason, however, users will have problems after their ID change, it will be possible to restore the original ID for free without any cost at any time and this operation should ensure that (almost) all problems will be solved.

    In short, Sony finally allows gamers to change their ID but at the same time warns us about compatibility issues for all the games released before just a few months ago. This feature is therefore addressed to all those users who for any reason regretted choosing one specific ID on the PSN and have been suffering until today because they were not able to change it. These videogamers will really look forward to the new year so that they’ll be able to modify their IDs in the so called "digital registry" of the PlayStation Network. For all the others, perhaps it would not even be advisable to consider this option, since they could face critical issues that should be avoided whenever possible.


Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 10, 2018.

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      I would have thought that all accounts would have an accounting number associated with them for logistical purposes. With that assumed, I would like to also assume that programming guidelines would suggest using that accounting number for all related data access rather than relying on specific data contained within an account.

      In other words, changing your handle shouldn't break anything. All every game should see is "User #0123456789 logged in", and your ID is extrapolated from the ID name variable read out of the account data.

      That simply changing your ID would cause problems suggest some games were badly programmed by lazy or incompetent people who incorrectly used the ID name as some form of account identifier.

      Now, what's done is done and it can't be fixed, so this warning has to go out. But the question is, how did it ever happen to begin with? I mean, I can sort of see it. Once upon a time, you couldn't change it, so programmers assumed it would be ok to violate good programming with some shortcuts. At the end of the day, it still comes down to poor programming it seems, which shouldn't happen.
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      I studied SQL at uni and yes it is recommended to use a numeric id and yes there are potential shortcuts by using the username as the unique id i.e. you only need one piece of info and not two, potentially reducing server load as well at least in certain instances.

      Either that or someone may have ballsed up another part of the system e.g. the API.

      I suspect as a work around they may be introducing a field to the DB to store the user name and/or possibly having the server do some 'translation' for the older APIs. This would explain why it may be buggy.

      The other alternative would be to alter the username but that would require EVERY INSTANCE to be updated to avoid breaking the DB and that would likely cause other problems, particularly where third party servers may be involved.
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