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PlayStation Vita 2 Has 'Nintendo Switch' Like Features!

Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 17, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Feb 17, 2017 at 2:06 PM
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    Sony has recently filed an 'patent' that looks like a 'square tablet', with two smaller hand-held detachable controllers!

    If you think only Nintendo is doing something unique, it seems that Sony has been thinking about the same idea themselves!
    A patent was recently discovered as you can see from the published figures, that shows an newer model of PlayStation Vita, that would operate much like the Nintendo Switch in the fact it has two controllers that can be removed from the middle 'screen' section, but there is no figures of matching 'docking station', and we have no clues if Sony is really planning to produce this as the replacement for Vita or not.
    For more pictures of Sony's new patent, visit the news source links below, and afterwards we love to hear your comments regarding this new Sony idea, would you like to see a Vita 2 that operates like the Nintendo Switch, or do you think both gaming companies are now crazy and lost their minds, with only Microsoft still being the only 'console at home' gaming company with their bulky Xbox's! :)

    NEWS SOURCE #1: Switch Like Patent Filed by Sony (New Vita?) (via) PlayStationHAX
    NEWS SOURCE #2: PSVitaの後継機!?ソニーの新型携帯ゲーム機らしき特許が公開! (via) EsuteruBlog
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Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 17, 2017.

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      WoIverine Loyal Member

      Sep 27, 2007
      Make it back compatible with ps1, ps2, and I'm in.
    2. 927

      kronikdaddy Loyal Member

      Sep 22, 2005
      No surprise. They should have a new catch phrase "Sony does what Nintendo did first"
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    3. 102

      MrDoctor Loyal Member

      May 10, 2014
      "Sony has recently filed an 'patent'". 2 years ago.....
    4. 561

      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011
      Yeah the Patent was filed in 2015. Even if it wasn't the first of it's kind, Sony wasn't copying Nintendo, but would be copying one of the several tablets with detachable controllers.
    5. 352

      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      apart from, which i love these claims, nintendo didnt do the switch first either......

      you do know before the n64, there were already analogue controls
      you do know before the ds there were already touch screen controls
      you do know before the wii there were already motion controls
      you do know before the wii u there were already tablet devices
      you do know before the switch there were already tablet devices that had detachable controllers.

      so please stop with this nintendo did it first and others just copy.

      and as above, seems sony filed this before the switch, so sh1t out bud.

      also i find it hard to believe sony will release another portable system after lacking support on the vita, mainly sony's fault for not supporting it which is a shame because it did have the potential for great console quality games.

      the switch to me is just a rip off, over priced for its hardware and nintendo's attempt to try make sure it doesnt get low sales like the wii u did, merging its portable market with its home console market doesnt fool me, turning around and saying yes this console has sold millions..... yea but sorry nintendont, you have merged two market sectors into one, so kindly remove the portable market and now we see the true figure for home console.

      like the wii u i could tell it was going to fail simply because it was old hardware, all it could do was provide beefed up ps3/360 games at best (which its fanboys loathed been on the graphic wagon again comparing old last gen titles to the wii u version)

      I can see this been the same, game wise and will likely be another console with games aimed for kids and wont give the third party option to say ok ive got plenty of games to play on my PS4/XBX1 so i will try xxxx game for the switch so it gets some use.

      dont get me wrong, if it provides this option and better support then i may consider buying one, but i aint holding my breath.
    6. 561

      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011
      Yeah Nintendo is largely the Apple of gaming in a lot of ways. Not many companies can take a look at preexisting technologies that have been used before and pretend to have invented them.

      My issue with the Switch isn't that it is overpriced. The issue is that the reason it is overpriced is unnecessary. The defenders continue to go on and on about how it is portable and the price makes sense for a portable device, and it indeed does to some degree. But fuck you if you don't want or need a portable console, fuck you several ways.

      To be honest, the idea of a portable device that can play my games does sound neat. That's why handheld computers such as the gpd win and the PGS LAB draw my attention. But there's several problems. A.) Those things are expensive, like as expensive as a Wii U or a Switch. and B.) They are not very powerful, again about on par with a Wii U and Switch. They have several things going for it though. They run Windows 10, so pretty much anything windows 10 can run they will at least try. They are great for emulators for instance. And they also can run last gen games decently, and even a couple newer games at low settings. And obviously much less demanding games can be run on them.

      In other words if I bought one, it would be with the knowledge of it's weaknesses. It has great strengths, but at the end of the day I still haven't been able to convince myself to buy one.

      Now the Switch has even less to really draw me. The library is new, besides the virtual console games Nintendo will inevitably expect you to buy again. They could have been onto something if they essentially made a portable Wii U, that could play Wii U games, Wii games, and gamecube games in some fashion. They changed architectures for no real damn reason, they didn't change it to the same as the other consoles and PC. I guess they just had to be different, but really it doesn't help them because they made it harder to port games to it.

      Granted, not every Wii U game would have worked in a portable mode. That's just Nintendo's gimmicks coming back to haunt them, but they could have sold such games as Xenoblade Chronicles X on it. Already, many people are excited for Breath of the Wild on the go, it could have been so much more as well.

      Okay so the Switch is a bit more powerful than the Wii U, but the difference is so negligible that pretty much if a game can run on it decently, it can run on the Wii U. That's honestly one of the most anti-consumer parts of it. If you don't really want a portable console, Nintendo is essentially making you spend another 300 for something that is nowhere near worth an extra 300, if you want to continue getting support from them. You would hope fans would see the tragedy in Wii U support ending so abrubtly with the release of the Switch. The PS3 and 360 for instance continued to get support from devs after the release of the PS4 and XB1, and the same could be said about pretty much any console. Heck, I remember many games still coming out on the snes when the n64 came out. But if Nintendo had sold the Switch as a console that could play most Wii U games on the go, and the rest at home, then like the PS4 Pro and Scorpio, a user could sell their old console and upgrade, or just ignore it. Many people aren't getting a Pro or a Scorpio at all, a game has to work on the base models anyway.

      And that Nintendo fans think that is a bad thing is quite telling. The Pro isn't "next gen" because you can play the same games on the PS4, while the Switch is next gen because it has new games and the Wii U can't play them, though not because it is too weak to run Switch games, although it would be pretty funny to see a Nintendo fan explain how it would be to weak to play most Switch games after years of saying the Wii U could run PS4 games or XB1 games if devs just lowered settings, after all they claim they don't care about graphics. But as a PC gamer, the term next gen doesn't seem so great. My PC can be upgraded, and so far I have not lost the ability to play older games. Sometimes things require a bit of messing with the configuration files or something, it's not really too difficult to get really old games to run, and last gen games are easy to run. Then there's newer games that may not require strong hardware. There's a reason people praise the new Doom for it's performance, it can run on pretty much any toaster it seems, maybe not at the highest settings, but being able to change settings can do that. I don't have to set everything to max all of the time, and if I can get 60fps I'm pretty happy. If 30fps was my target I could set things even higher. Point is, not much is arbitrarily preventing a game from running either on newer or older hardware and OSes on PC. And most of the time it's not difficult to run them. PC doesn't change architecture every few years so things tend to stay pretty compatible. If next gen requires hardware to lose support for older games, then fuck next gen, if next gen requires old hardware to be come useless even though it could more than run some game, then fuck next gen. At that point, next gen is just another word for anti-consumerism.

      Lastly, the Switch's portability doesn't just add to the cost. It also holds back the games themselves. Every game has to run in portable mode and the only difference between the two modes is resolution. So even if somebody only got one for the TV mode, they wouldn't really see any benefit, everything has to be turned down to work on a portable device, people have already started seeing massive differences in games that are on the Switch and PS4 from the screenshots. The framerate is practically guaranteed to be shitty. Nintendo's biggest title in a long while will only run at 30fps, the same as on the Wii U. At that point they really should have just sold the Switch as the successor to the 3ds. Just because it can show a video feed on the tv doesn't make it a console. And it's not innovative like people claim either. The 3ds could do it with some modification, and the PSP could do it without any modification. Nintendo used to offer addons to play gameboy gbc and gba games on their consoles. The Playtation tv played vita games. Playing portable games on the tv is not new and the lack of such a feature is because the developers of it just didn't want to include support for it. Maybe it cost a bit of money, and they wanted to cut some corners, but it certainly didn't cost $90 to do so. But with something portable like it, devs have to either target the undocked mode to ensure their games always run, or target the docked mode to ensure their games fully utilize the hardware. The former is preferable but it also means that docked mode is a secondary concern. At that point a user might as well just run it undocked, mostly to cover up any blemishes with the graphics. But the dock is forced on them. If the dock costs $90 then that is $90 a consumer could have saved, imagine a $210 Switch. It would probably sell a lot better. So portable users are getting screwed by being forced to buy an overpriced dock they may not want. And console users are getting screwed by being forced to buy a weaker console that is that way because it is portable. That is they are forced if they want the newest Nintendo games. How much longer will people put up with such bullshit? Probably not longer. Nintendo consoles have consistently sold less and less with the exception of the Wii, which was successful due to casual gamers who largely became mobile gamers. Nintendo will likely destroy their own company trying to chase that magical unicorn again before they admit that they should focus on the gamers that are reliable customers. But they tried to repeat the Wii's success with the Wii U and the result was that it sold less than half of what the Gamecube sold. It seems they didn't learn their lesson, and if they sell any more Switches it will be due to the gamers who wanted another portable handheld, and not really console gamers. But eventually we'll know if it is truly a successor to the 3ds or the Wii U since if it is the former they will cannibalize each other provided Nintendo doesn't outright end support for the 3ds.

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