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PS4 v4.05 PS4Cheater Guide v1.1

Discussion in 'PS4 Game Cheat Codes' started by lllcc, Mar 5, 2018.

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    lllcc Developer

    Mar 5, 2018
    hmm sence i cant edit to this page ill have to post the guide here

    Hey Guys Im Here To Show You How To Mod Any Game With Ps4 Cheater

    Okay First Thing We Have To Do Is Find Out What Your Ip Address Is On Your Console "Turn On The Ps4"
    Go To Settings
    Go To System
    Then Go To System Information
    Under IP Address Write That Info Down

    Okay Once You Have You Ip Address Go To Back To Settings

    Then Go To User's Guide
    Once Your In There Select The Firmware You Are On Im On 4.05 So I Will Select that Select HEN
    Back Out Go Back Into User's Guide Choose Original(+Jailbreak) Till It Says Listener Is Running At This Point Load PS4Cheater Once Loaded Where It Says 1 In Red This Is Where You Put Your Ip From The Ps4
    Keep The Port To 9020 Then Click The Button Send Payload "Make Sure You Haven't Touch The Ps4 Make Sure It Still Say Listener Id Running"

    On The Buttom If It Went Through It Will Say

    Go Back To The PS4 Go Back To The Main Screen And Load A Game Up Once You Have Done That Go Back To PS4 Cheater And Go To The Part 2 Thats In Red And Press Refresh Processes Once You Have Refreshed It
    The Drop Menu Will Have Options Go In the Drop Menu And Choose Eboot.bin "Most Games Use It"
    Okay Now This Is Where Is Get Long You Only Have To Do This Once So You Know Where The Cheats Are Located In Part 3 You Will See A C We Are Going To Click That
    Once All The Boxes Are Checked We Can Start Where You See 19360 This Is Where You Are Going To Scan The Amount In Game Example If You Have 2 Of An Item You Will Put 2 In There Since Its All Checked Is Is Going To Take A Bit This Will Lower The Amount Of Boxes Checked To Show Us Where the Codes Are Located For the Game "Remember You Only Have To Do This Once To Know The Location Just Remember Where The Cheats Are Located" "Click New Scan"
    Once The First Scan Is Done A Big List Of Cheats Will Show Up On The Left
    scan 1.png
    Once You See That Go Back Into The Game Gain More Of What You Scanned So i Gained 2 More I Will Put 4 On There now Then Click Next Scan
    scan 2.png
    This Will Lower The Scan A lot Once The Scan Is Lower Enough You Will Highlight Then Go To The Place You Search Your Value And Put The Amount You Want Then Press Submit If Done Right This Will Change In Game Value To What You Want It to Be
    If You Guys Need Futher Help Pm Me Or Leave It On The Page " But I Think This Guide Will Answer Everything"
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