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PS4 v4.55 RE Origins Collection--RE 0--PS4 Cheater 4.55 Codes

Discussion in 'PS4 Game Cheat Codes' started by rednekcowboy, Mar 9, 2018.

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    rednekcowboy Developer

    Aug 28, 2011
    Handgun ammo and equipped ammo always at 999:

    Make sure and check off the "locked" option.


    Ink Ribbon always 999, locked option doesn't work after game reload.


    Bullets (ie Inventory slot 2)

    Game is a little strange, think you have to mod stuff in order. IE I modded ammo first, which was fine, then ink which was also fine but the bullets then messed up the ammo amounts.

    I think you have to go in order--ie bullets, then ammo, which is what I am doing now. Will let you know how it goes.

    OK, so there is a definite order you have to do the items in. You have to mod bullets first, then completely exit out of everything (ie shut down ps4 and completely reload the tool--closing the game doesn't cut it), then do ammo/equipped item. Then the locations stay the same as posted above.

    Added re0v2.zip. Extract and load .cht file in ps4 cheater. 9999 ammo in slot 1 and equipped weapon and 9999 bullets in slot 2 and 999 ink ribbons. Haven't tested loading .cht files so results may vary!!

    WARNING!!! If you drop/leave an item somewhere, all the values change!!

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    Shurikan117 Loyal Member

    Mar 10, 2018
    @rednekcowboy mind letting me know the title ID and patch version of the RE game you've posted here?

    Also 30EFCF4 appears to be the Ink Ribbon cheat right?

    From 30EFCDC and 30EFCE4, which one is Primary ammo and which one is Secondary ammo?
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    rednekcowboy Developer

    Aug 28, 2011
    I'll see if I can grab the install pkg I downloaded but it was from a private tracker so may be tough.

    As for the ammo:

    Slot 1 Inv and Equipped weapon are both modified with the same code--the first screen grab

    Ink Ribbon is the second screen grab and was in slot 4

    Bullets is the last screen grab (ie box of ammo picture) and was in slot 2.

    I'll freely admit these values are modding the slots and not necessarily the items in the slots--however if you change the order, all the values get messed up. I tested dropping the bullets (ie box of ammo) from slot 2 and leaving them on the floor, hoping that the green herb I had in slot 3 would max out in value when it moved to slot 2 and all my values changed back to default. When I picked the box of ammo back up, it was at it's normal 15 for a single reload.

    Also, FYI, this is in the very first save room of the game.
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