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REVIEW - Aaero (Xbox One)

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Jun 19, 2017.

By JHardin1112 on Jun 19, 2017 at 3:21 PM
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    Jan 26, 2009
    Our Very Own Game Reviewer 'JHardin112' Is Back With Another One Of His Great Reviews!

    This time out he is reviewing the Aaero for Xbox One, which is one of those rhythm-action games that are so popular now.
    Aaero is a rhythm-action game by Mad Fellows that combines stunning visuals, intense aerial shooting action, and energetic EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks all while enticing you to get the hi-score. Typically games are broken down into levels, but in Aaero the emphasis is on the music and the rhythm, so you aren’t playing levels, but rather, you are actually playing the music tracks themselves. And how good it feels to be in the song.

    Aaero 2016-12-31 13-20-38-68.png

    Across all 15 of the tracks, players will use the left joystick to navigate their ship around the screen while moving forwards automatically (3rd-person) and attempt to trace a ribbon of light, target and destroy enemies and avoid obstacles to the best of their ability all while enjoying the auditory treat that hits their ears. It may seem a bit foreign at first, but you’ll need to pull the control stick down and rotate it on the outer edge of the circle pad on your controller in order to successfully navigate the ribbon. If you are able to trace the ribbon of light completely, you’ll be treated to the track in full. However, every time you fall off from the ribbon, the track fades out leaving you in near silence. It takes a little time, but with some practice in the tutorials and in chillout mode (a relaxed mode where you can run through the tracks without dying) you’ll be sure to hear every track in it’s entirety. Now that’s not to say that Aaero is without challenge, because believe me, you will be challenged. Sure, the first two tracks weren’t too difficult to get the hang off (in normal mode, mind you), but starting with the third track I found myself dying repeatedly and most often times it was due to on screen obstacles that appear at nearly the last minute and my reaction time to avoid them was just not fast enough.

    Aaero 2016-12-31 13-44-44-68.png

    Other than some obstacles that you’ll need to memorize locations for, your next biggest hurdle comes in the form of alien enemies and the occasional boss. If you want to continue enjoying these sick beats and racking up a hi-score, then take heed to the knowledge I’m about to drop. In order to destroy enemies, you’ll have to use the right joystick to trace circle around the projectiles, in effect targeting them, then release the right stick so that your reticule snaps back to the default center screen position, and then press RB to unleash your missiles. If you don’t target all incoming fire, plus the enemy at center screen, you’ll suffer damage and it only takes a few hits to fail the track. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! See while you’re busy using the right stick to take out enemies, you will still need to use the left stick to trace the ribbon. If you can do all this successfully, not only will you earn score multipliers to help you rack up some major points, you’ll get to enjoy the auditory and visual treat that is served up before you, and heck, you’ll get the great feeling of accomplishment when done. Plus, bragging rights on the leaderboards!

    Aaero 2016-12-31 13-45-01-78.png

    Before I wrap up here, I want to take moment to touch on the visuals. Aaero is not only a fantastic treat for your ears, but for your eyes as well. The futuristic setting of the game goes hand in hand with the accompanying tracks, and the graphics are sci-fi through and through. From the moment I first saw the screenshots, I knew I had to give Aaero a try.

    Aaero 2016-12-31 14-10-47-93.png

    It’s rare to find a rhythm game that appeals to my tastes, but Vader and Yoda over there at Mad Fellows have done a truly excellent job of creating a fast-paced, rhythm action game that tantalizes my eyes, my ears, and keeps me coming back for me.

    Aaero 2016-12-31 15-23-48-49.png
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Jun 19, 2017.

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