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REVIEW - Albion Online

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Sep 13, 2017.

By JHardin1112 on Sep 13, 2017 at 2:12 PM
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    Jan 26, 2009
    Our very own Game Reviewer is back with another Exclusive Review, this time covering 'Albion Online', check it out!

    Encased within mist and fog, a land is said to hold the greatest of mysteries and treasure, only those adventurers who are noble, valiant, or without a doubt most devious will be able to plunder its fruits and explore its adventures. Enter Albion, a place where a man or woman can create their own legacy, no matter what that be, you are allowed to pursue what you enjoy most. The essential idea of Albion is anything that can be done in the game is done by its players, and every item in the game is player collected and crafted.

    Aegis Guild.png

    After the initial cutscene cinematic that puts you on Albion’s coastline, the first thing you see is the skill tree. This is because the entirety of the game rests on this back-bone implementation, there are no levels to reach there is only grinding of experience through what you choose. If you like swords, use them, and build experience and sword affinity so you can use stronger swords, and the same thing holds strong for every weapon, and armor. You must use what you like and prefer to gain proficiency.

    Demon Lord.jpg

    Let’s say you aren’t combat oriented and you have always preferred being an auction house monger and a profession worker, welcome to your dream game. Every Item in this game must and will be player created. Just as the role entitles, you must make it a profession. A gather/crafter must spend the same, if not more, amounts of time gathering your supplies and hauling them back to your crafting tables as you would be fighting monsters and gaining weapon/armor experience and proficiency. Let alone crafting the supplies you have gathered into weapons and armor of different tiers. Everything is specialized down to the very last detail. You can be a master of everything, though, you just have to invest the time in every aspect of the game!

    Guild vs Guild Fight.png

    The style of Albion Online has a different approach compared to other MMOs. It is a 3rd person top-down fixed camera style MMO, where character models mean little to nothing. As I mentioned earlier about weapons and armor, you are what you wear. Each different weapon gives different move play styles, as well as gear giving different abilities and usable buffs. It has a loot system comparable to diablo with the game control and mechanics to match, simple click to move, Q, W, E, & R for abilities. Each zone is a determined by size and terrain type, and is labelled for difficulty by color. Green and yellow are easy/intermediate, whereas red and black are hard and allow for world pvp, and dying in the latter mentioned zones will result in dropping all items on your person, including equipped gear, mounts, and gold!

    Mostly Harmless Guild.jpeg

    Visually, the game does a great job with detail while maintaining fluidity and simple graphic designs. You have a locked view, which doesn’t permit the sights of grand vistas or expansive back drops, which focuses the game on you and your immediate surroundings. Every simplistic rock and bush is rendered in such a way to be plain, yet fully elegant. It doesn’t distract but also doesn’t detract from the environment you are immersed in and the story you are experiencing. This immersive feeling is complemented by the fully orchestrated soundtrack. With every slain, pixelated foe you feel the triumphant beat urging you further, onwards toward your next goal.

    Summer Alpha Epic Battle.png

    This game is a brilliant success, one that can only be reflected by the community that it was created from! I would recommend this title fully, a simple 30 dollars to play with an optional monthly subscription is something to really get behind!

    Heretics Camps.jpg Morgana Camps.jpg

    PvP.jpeg Sandbox Tavern.png

    The Royal Camps.jpg Undead Boss Fight.jpg

    Undead Dungeon.jpg Vendetta Guild.png
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Sep 13, 2017.

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