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[Review] Datel PowerSaves Plus for 3DS

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Oct 15, 2016.

By SonyUSA on Oct 15, 2016 at 6:47 PM
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    Mar 31, 2009
    Welcome to our Exclusive MaxConsole Review of Datel's new PowerSaves Plus device for Nintendo 3DS

    Our very own MaxConsole Reviewer 'SonyUSA' is back with another one of her great hardware reiews, this week she is reviewing the latest version of Datel's updated PowerSaves Plus device for Nintendo 3DS that supports 'gamesave cheats', 'amiibo powerups' and more!


    Let's take a look at Datel's newest cheat device that claims 2DS, 3DS, New 3DS, and Amiibo support.

    Physical Features:

    Inside the box is the base, a micro USB cable, and a license key card required to activate your unit with a corresponding Codejunkies account. This means without relinquishing your account to someone else, you won't be able to re-sell or share the unit.

    The main unit consists of an internal WiFi adapter, the slot which houses your 3DS game cartridge, a micro SD card slot (not included, but required for backing up your saves), and a pair of buttons-- one of which does absolutely nothing. It also has a Micro-USB for power and a full size USB port which has no apparent function.

    The micro USB port appears to be for power only; considering my computer never required a driver installation and you can also use the device by plugging it into the wall for power. All of the data transfer to and from the cartridges and Amiibo characters is done via WiFi.


    The unit itself is a fairly thin plastic, but it feels durable enough that it would survive a fall off the desk or counter with no issues. The buttons have a solid feel, although you will probably never need to press them, and all the ports feel snug when inserting the USB and game cartridges.

    Installation and Use:

    Setup is performed through a web browser, either on your PC or on Mobile. I opted to use my Android based phone, mostly because my desktop doesn't use WiFi and I was too lazy to get my laptop out. The base can be set up quickly using the WPS button on your router, but you should have disabled WPS as soon as you got your router-- you did, didn't you?

    The base emits it's own WiFi hotspot during initial setup. I directed my phone to connect to it, then navigated to the appropriate IP as designated in the instructions ( ). I was then able to choose my access point and insert my password. After which, the unit rebooted and connected to my network, making it accessible from every other device.


    You not only need to put your Serial key into your Codejunkies account, but your Device ID as well, tying the two devices together to further prevent resale. This also may serve as a flood-guard against unauthorized people from using their servers to decrypt/encrypt games and game saves.

    Once you go through the account creation, you are presented with the device interface, which as I mentioned before is all done through a web browser. This wasn't the smarted idea; I ran into a few issues when trying to apply codes where I clicked slightly outside an expandable box area and it visually triggered the code to be selected, but didn't give me the physical option to apply the code. It makes sense to use a browser based interface however, as it ensures cross-platform support for hundreds of devices.

    Once you insert a cartridge the base goes into 'initializing' mode, changes color, and, after a few seconds, presents you with the options available for that particular game.



    Backing up saves worked with the 4 or 5 games that I tested, however I noticed with every game there were no Powersaves available, and only ONE cheat available to apply. With Dead or Alive, I was able to apply an "unlock everything" code, which seemed to work fine and didn't mess with any of my play data.


    Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, on the other hand, made the unit turn red and gave the interface a "unsupported game" and "card read failure" error message. I guess I won't be getting free Hint Coins... (Not that I needed them, or anything!)

    I didn't have an Amiibo to test out, but the base only seems to features changing the write-able area of the Amiibo data. This means you won't be able to use this device to spoof one Amiibo to another, or trick your systems into thinking a certain Amiibo is on their respective scanner. It's main use, as far as I could tell, would be to write stronger fighter data for games like Smash Brothers.

    The Rub:

    Now we get to the part that will turn a lot of users away from this product... the additional costs.

    Datel/Codejunkies run a "Premium" section of the cheat site, containing 0-Day cheats and saves. To be able to use these before the pre-requisite timer runs out, you need to spend "Power Points", which are acquired by paying additional real money to them.


    Each "Early Access" seems to cost about 1 point, which is £0.99 or about $1.20. You can obviously just wait for the cheat to go Free, but this seems like a real kick in the teeth to the customers.

    I believe they are doing this to mitigate the costs of running the servers that are handling the game and save decryption/encryption, which is used when you load a cartridge and modify it in any way. The biggest problem I have with this is that you get no free coins for purchasing the unit, you start at zero credit.

    Final Thoughts:

    All-in-all, the device itself is nice, but mostly pointless to anyone with ARM9 Loader Hax (A9LH) as you can apply the cheats directly yourself by editing memory, or hand edit your saves directly on a PC. The lack of cheats for the handful of games I tried were lackluster as well, with the most useful one being the "Unlock All" for DoA. The extra costs for 0-Day cheats will also leave a sour taste in a lot of users mouths, and I think Datel could help mitigate that with giving away a couple free Power Points when a user registers his serial and device ID.

    The site also asks if you are ordering a UK or US unit, however it doesn't seem to affect the hardware itself. I was sent a "UK" unit but was able to use it fine with my US cartridges.

    Our Thanks:

    This review unit was supplied with the kindness of ModChip France so we could then give an unbiased review of this latest product that they are stocking, and after reading our latest Exclusive MaxConsole Review, if you wish to order one today or find out more info, then please visit the following official website links below:


    OFFICIAL SITE: PowerSaves Plus 3DS (via) CodeJunkies

    BUY NOW: PowerSaves Plus 3DS (via) ModChip-France
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Oct 15, 2016.

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      I would really like to see the amiibo support and if they have integrated anything new or just the same thing they already did before just with an web app now. How is backup/restore? Just an unsorted list where you can select from or managed in any way? I really hate how everyone just creates dumps of the data and saves it unsorted. So inconvenient... Would be so easy for them to make this greater.

      The price point is really great... I looked myself into some Wifi NFC devices for my own app, but all I found (without having to build one myself) are starting from $50... So I went with a $69 bluetooth NFC device since it's the best to use, even if it costs twice as much as the PowerSaves Plus thing. Also the cheating for amiibos looks still dump... You still have to choose the game you want to cheat on even though they already have to decrypt it for patching it and could look it up...

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