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[Review] Nasudake Stereo Wireless Earbuds

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Jan 18, 2017.

By SonyUSA on Jan 18, 2017 at 7:24 PM
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    Mar 31, 2009
    Nasudake Noise-Cancelling True Stereo Wireless Earbuds

    Our very own SonyUSA is back with yet another one of her great exclusive hardware reviews for all our loyal MaxConsole readers, and this week she is reviewing the latest Nasudake Bluetooth Earbuds, read on for all Pro's and Con's this gadget has and the how well it operates, etc.


    Box Contents: Inside the nicely packed box we find the earbuds, a carrying pouch (for carrying just the earbuds), manual, earbud case, micro USB cable (for charging the earbud case), and a set of extra earbud inserts. The case itself has an internal rechargeable battery that is then used to charge the earbuds themselves via a set of contacts beneath the earbud rests.

    In other words; You charge the case ahead of time and it can be used as extra battery life on long trips for when the earbuds run low and need some extra power. The lid -must- be closed to provide the pressure needed for the earbuds to make proper connections between the contact points to charge them, so be careful with the plastic lid or you'll have to stack something heavy on top of them to get them to charge.

    20170107_175419.jpg 20170107_175145.jpg

    Operation: The earbuds come pre-paired as a Left and Right stereo headset. There is a way to sync the earbuds separately from each other, but I couldn't find a good advantage to doing so since people don't typically like to share earbuds for hygienic reasons. Syncing them to my phone -would- have been a simple process, but one of the earbuds was OFF when I started the whole thing and it didn't seem to want to pair to the other earbud until I shut off bluetooth and started the pairing over again.

    Call reception was good and the other person could hear me just fine during a call, but here is where we start to run into a small issue. Because of the earbuds being so compact, there is no volume controls, all volume MUST be controlled by the source device. This means that all built in notifications such as the power on/off/sync on the earbuds, as well as if you happen to have your System or Ringetone volume slider on your phone up especially high, you are going to blast yourself with very loud noises if you forget to adjust them before hand. The earbuds are at maximum volume all the time, so you'll want to start with the source down pretty low.

    20170107_175605.jpg 20170107_175641.jpg

    More Thoughts: These are a budget contender to Apple's wireless "Airpods". The heads of the units are quite a bit larger and bulkier than their Apple counterpart, and me being of small stature personally think they look goofy when I have them in my ears. On a larger person, their extra size probably wouldn't be an issue.

    The sound quality is mixed for me-- The bass is very strong and mid levels are fine, but there is practically no treble, which is a huge drawback for me. The noise-cancelling seems to work fine, I wasn't able to test them on a plane or an especially noisy environment, but it worked well enough to completely drown out music coming from my PC while I was testing them. They are listed as usable for "jogging" and "working out" but they fall right out of my ears if I shake my head lightly. Again, this is probably due to my smaller size though-- a normal person probably wouldn't have this issue.

    If you're a regular sized human being looking for a pair of wireless earbuds with good bass at 1/6th the cost of the Apple alternative, these may be right up your alley. I may be donating these to a friend as they just don't really fit me right, though. I don't have any major complaints about them except for the treble, which could probably be adjusted from a music player that incorporates equalizer settings.

    Available Here: --> http://amzn.to/2qeW1AN


Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, Jan 18, 2017.

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