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REVIEW - Soul Axiom (PC)

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, May 17, 2017.

By JHardin1112 on May 17, 2017 at 9:22 AM
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    Yet Another Great Game Review By Our Very Own @JHardin1112 For You To Enjoy Reading!

    You’re falling through your consciousness, screaming at high speeds through familiar memories and events only known to you, pondering why you’re trapped in your own expanse of imagination, until finally you come crashing against the deck of a sky ship adrift amongst a sea of storm clouds on the cusp of destruction….
    At first stepping into Soul Axiom, a game that is essentially a 3D puzzler with hints of a platformer, you get the feeling of a great story, one that will shatter the barriers of storytelling that you have developed over time. Unfortunately, this story becomes lackluster due to the game being something of a disappointment.

    SoulAxiom_01.jpg SoulAxiom_02.jpg

    Soul Axiom starts off as a simple hub-world based puzzle game in which you are gradually given powers to alter the environment you play in, with similar notions to that of Myst mixed with Portal, but as you accumulate more powers the game becomes that much more monotonous and linear. The powers you obtain are not immersive or expansive, they merely facilitate a single purpose rather than being fluid and adaptive. The puzzles themselves feel painfully obvious and aggravatingly extensive, rather than looking forward to the next trial, you quickly can become annoyed by each step in the process.


    Elysia is the set piece of the game, which is the vast mainframe/vista that acts as a refuge of lost human souls. The look and feel of the levels are one of the game’s saving graces, it has a wide variety of color aspects that range from dark hues and mute colors to vibrant neon lights that glow and vibrate throughout its vistas. Combine those ranging color aspects with different view settings, which range from dark corridors and dismal complexes to a grand space station and a crisp Ice castle-like structure. The music and sound effects to the game are there, and complement the game itself, but they would not be great concepts if they stood alone in a score, all in all the music was a garnish to the main course of visuals that give the game substance.


    Ultimately, Soul Axiom has a beautiful visual sprawl that is complemented by an engaging concept, but the story becomes overshadowed by gameplay that feels repetitive making it more of a drudge rather than an enjoyable experience. If you do follow through to the end, the conclusion feels rushed and disconnected from the original pace the plot started with, it is tied together incoherently. This game starts out promising but ends up being found wanting, especially with only a solid 8 hours of gameplay.


    The Idea of a cyberspace afterlife where consciousness is uploaded, essentially preserving mankind from global disaster, is a great one. But it is delivered poorly. Soul Axiom would be a purchase, if it were on a large sale or renting it for a short time.

    SoulAxiom_06.jpg SoulAxiom_07.jpg

    SoulAxiom_08.jpg SoulAxiom_09.jpg

    SoulAxiom_10.jpg SoulAxiom_11.jpg

    SoulAxiom_12.jpg SoulAxiom_13.jpg
    (Some more great screenshots for you to droll over, click them or thumbs in the review above for more details!)
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, May 17, 2017.

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