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REVIEW: The Glitch360spi 3.0 Rev. B and eRGH

Discussion in 'Underground Xbox Scene' started by GaryOPA, Mar 3, 2013.

By GaryOPA on Mar 3, 2013 at 4:29 PM
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    Our Maxconsole news poster sits down with some of the latest hardware from Glitch360Team to see how it all works.


    Inside you will find out all the pros and cons of the latest Glitch'er from the not-so-well-known team called Glitch360 from France.
    And it seems to be one of the better 360 Glitch'ers out there!



    The Glitch360Spi 3.0 rev. b :


    NextGen SPI Nand Read/write programmer

    Super-Fast Nand Dumper/writer (~1m/16mo against 2m15 with a nand-x & 7m with a spi pic hardware)

    Full speed USB 480Mbits/s

    7 wires to solder (8 wires for the rev a)

    Dual Led activity (rev B)

    Works for both FAT & SLIM xbox 360
    (Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper, Jasper BB, Trinity, Corona)

    Work with GKU, GSU and new eRGH !

    3 way to program your modchip Glitch ! (rev B)
    —> FFC Connector (flex cable) / Quick Plug™ / 6x outputs Jtag (solder)

    Fully controlled with Glitch360Shark Updater software (GSU)

    100% upgradable

    21x additional outputs (16x in rev a)

    Can use SPI, JTAG, i2c, bit-bang protocols

    retail price : $32


    When I was asked to do a review of the Glitch360SPI made by the Glitch360 Team, I was thinking "test the what by the who?", and honestly I am glad I did, this programmer was great. The speeds for read and write are pretty fast, to be fair I do not own all the available nand flashers but of the four I do own this is the fastest. I did run into one error/bug while the eRGH app was running, I got a message stating "Unable to Prepare Statement" and it appear that it only dumped the nand once and claims to have verified it. I checked the folder it put the nand backups in and there were two nandumps so maybe thats just a bug or some sort. The fact the eRGH takes care of all the boring work of dumping the nand, creating the ECC, writing the ECC, grabbing the CPU key, building the freeboot image and then writing that image makes this an amazing flasher. eRGH has the option to prepare a USB with the avatar/kinect update and also to setup a USB drive for use with FSD(which also gets installed).


    Ease of use

    Works with AutoGG and possibly other apps

    When combined with eRGH it becomes a nand programmer on autopilot (eRGH dumps nand, creates ECC, flashes ECC, boots the 360 and grabs keys, shuts off 360, builds freeboot image, and then writes that to the 360.

    Fast Read/write speeds

    Build quality

    Upgradable for future features.

    Can easily Program any Glitch chip


    Weird error (which is already being looked into) on Jasper BB RGH1 - Still allowed to finish and everything and 360 runs fine so no harm was done

    Failed to buld Freeboot Image on Falcon RGH1 - gave option to flash back to stock nand but I see no reason to write stock nand back when all that needs to be done is close it out and use AutoGG to build freeboot image and flash it to 360.

    Not currently sold in the USA, this is not their fault they are trying to get resellers here.

    Final Thoughts:

    Even with the errors I encountered I see both the Glitch360SPI and the eRGH as a valuable addition to my tool collection. The fact that eRGH stops and basically says "Hey something is not right" and then gives me the option of what to do is a great thing because I have seen apps run and continue through errors and the only way I found out about the errors was when a console would not boot and I go look through the logs. If some one is looking for a new nand flasher get the Glitch360SPI, you will not be disappointed.

    When I made the statement of "the what by the who?" the above review answers the "what" the following will answer the "who".

    Glitch360 Team

    They were the first ones to release the c-mod diagram to build the glitch modchips every team made, They gave out lots of solutions like changing the cpu rst cap to 270pf, adding 100nf to pll bypass etc...

    They were the ones to release the first home made usb jtag programmers to program any glitch modchip.

    They were the ones to release the solution to hack to corona v2 explaining how to read/write with sd/mmc reader and without swapping nand and also how to modify the ecc to get cpukey from xell

    even team xecuter : http://team-xecuter.com/how-to-dump-corona...sd-card-reader/

    Official Site & More Info http://glitch360key.fr/en/glitch360spi-3-0/


    I was just notified that the error I had with the flacon has been figured out and will be fixed in a coming update.

    For more info and Screenshots

    Our thanks to 'steveo1978' for this wonderful review!


Discussion in 'Underground Xbox Scene' started by GaryOPA, Mar 3, 2013.

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