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REVIEW: UMi Diamond Smartphone

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by GaryOPA, Jan 5, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Jan 5, 2017 at 3:09 PM
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    Octa Core CPU, 3GB RAM, Dual SIM 4G, Android 6.0, 5 Inch HD Screen, OTG (Black)

    This week I sat down with the latest UMI Diamond Smartphone and took a depth look at all its features and how well it operates, and it was real pleasure reviewing it, read on below for all the Pro's and Con's I found with this Android phone during my usage of it.
    Recently, Chinavasion which is famous for their online wholesale Cheap Electronics was nice enough to ship out to us here at MaxConsole, the latest UMI Smartphone for us to take a look at and review it for our loyal readers.

    First of all, before I start my own personal review, lets see what the official PR says about the UMi Diamond and its features:

    Now, at first I was worried when I heard the very low price of this smartphone being only around $100 dollars, as my own personal smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo in which I have two SIM cards in it both Claro and Orange, one for voice and one for data, as that is best way for this country (Dominican Republic) I am living and working in.

    But soon after I unboxed the UMi Diamond and loaded up my favorite apps onto it like Skype, Facebook, What's App, etc. I was really surprised how well it operated, and the smoothness of its metal curved case, with edge to edge screen was joy to hold in my hand, alot nicer then the bulky plastic case of my Samsung, and it still sports the same large 5" screen and Dual-SIM's, so I didn't notice any downfall to using it for both my massive online work and various phone calls.

    I been using this phone for over a week now during the busy holiday season, I am totally in love with it, with the fast Octa-Core CPU and 3Gigs of RAM, and over 40 apps I have installed in its internal 16gigs of RAM, I never had to reboot the phone or wait for app to close or load, unlike my Samsung which after only 8 hours of usage starts to slow down, forcing me to run clear RAM utilities or to reboot which takes forever, with the Umi Diamond i was switching back and forth between Skype, Email, Firefox browsing and watching videos, sending emails, and chatting with multiple people all at the same time, and even talking on the phone at times without any drop in connection or being frozen out of app for few minutes, which I has occurred many times with me on my Samsung.

    There is not much more I can add, its a nice amazing phone and well worth the price, you will not find a better more affordable, quality-build phone around, and you can see for yourself from the series of pictures I took while unboxing the phone and short video I made afterwards using it, sorry if the video is little rough on the edges, but I am no pro at reviewing things and this is my first attempt, but at least you know its real and honest and not some professional PR mock-up of review! :)

    In the end, the only two Con's I can find with the phone is that its uses Micro and Nano SIM's instead of normal and Micro one, which is not a problem in most countries but here in DR, getting Nano SIM is not easy, then second Con I found is the shiny smooth black case had a habit of showing your fingerprints on it, so I was always wiping it down with a cloth, so might be good idea to invest in cover for it, but other than that I am going to be ditching my Samsung very soon and using this UMi Diamond as my main daily device as I found even the battery life was much better, allowing me to go over a day of heavy online usage without any charging! :)

    20170105_133324.jpg 20170105_133341.jpg

    20170105_133355.jpg 20170105_133425.jpg

    20170105_133448.jpg 20170105_133509.jpg

    20170105_133542.jpg 20170105_133613.jpg

    20170105_133706.jpg 20170105_133749.jpg

    20170105_133802.jpg 20170105_133827.jpg

    20170105_134235.jpg 20170105_134252.jpg

    20170105_134329.jpg 20170105_133910.jpg

    20170105_134441.jpg 20170105_133954.jpg

    20170105_134021.jpg 20170105_134142.jpg

    For more info on the UMi Diamond, check out the link below, and while you are it browse thru the rest of Chinavasion site, as they have lots of other affordable and Cheap Electronics available to fill your gadget needs, and stay tuned for our next review!

    CHECK IT OUT: UMi Smartphone
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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by GaryOPA, Jan 5, 2017.

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