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REVIEW - World to the West (XBox One)

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Jun 5, 2017.

By JHardin1112 on Jun 5, 2017 at 10:02 AM
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    Our MaxConsole Game Reviewer '@JHardin1112' Is Back With Yet Another Amazing Review Of A New Xbox One Game

    World to the West is a third person top down perspective puzzle/action game that takes place in a lost ancient world with many different environments.
    The game starts with the tesla maker chasing after her father and ends up teleporting to the ancient world. The tesla maker is a female wizard that uses magic as her special abilities. While the other characters; the miner, the aristocrat, and the explorer have their own backstories on how they get to the ancient world. There are many ways to get around by running through the different environments around the ancient world or teleporting to different totem poles found throughout the map. Of course you have to discover the poles first. The totem poles are found throughout the snow biome, grasslands, an area similar to a plateau, and in the caves, along with others. My favorite environment was the snow biome because I could slide on the ice to get away from the enemies. The totem poles found have pictures of the four characters heads. These totem poles also act as checkpoints, where you can change characters and teleport to other found totem poles. The game reminds me of a Legend of Zelda game which was something I really liked about it. World to the West is the Legend of Zelda for the Xbox and PlayStation players. It has the puzzles and quests and a large explorable world that the Legend of Zelda games would have.

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    There are a lot of things in the game that I did like and some things I wished they would have changed. For example, when you complete a puzzle or you solve something and you need to get to the next step, there's no que or any music that plays so you know when to move on. I found it very hard to complete puzzles because I would think I had completed the puzzle and would not know where to go next, so I would go back through the puzzle and search around to find the next part of the puzzle. This isn't a big con, but I think they could have had more cues or hints for where you should go next when you complete a puzzle step. Another thing I think they could have done better was map direction. This is similar to the cues during the puzzles, when you talk to a NPC as they want you to go to a specific location. They tell you where to go, and that's it, there's no map direction. I probably spent a good hour just trying to find where to go next because the map was not really helpful on how to get to a specific location. I can't remember how many times I would run through the same area just looking for a new path.

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    With the cons there are a lot of things I did like about the game. I did like the different environments. In the different environments the enemies stayed the same but had a different look to them. So if you were in a snow biome, they had a greyer or whiter color. I also enjoyed how each character had their own way to help each other out to get through the game. Each character has a special ability or tool that they could use to kill enemies or get around obstacles. For example, the miner uses a shovel to dig under the soft dirt to avoid enemies, the aristocrat uses his physical strength to run into enemies and delivers a blow that makes the enemies run away for a few seconds. Throughout the game the puzzles may have been difficult at times but they were very enjoyable and felt so rewarding when you completed it. I also liked how when you start the game, you play as the characters before they meet their partners, the backstory part was really cool and interesting because it gave more information about the characters you are playing as. Last but not least, the look of the game. When playing I really enjoyed the graphics, the lighting, and how the map looked.

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    Overall I thought it was a really fun game to play. With the pros and cons, there is a lot of improvement if they decide to come out with a patch or update to fix some of the issues I found when playing. Even with minor issues, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes playing puzzle games or likes to play games that make you really think. Believe me, in this game you'll have to think a lot to get through it. In the end though it will be worth it.

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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by JHardin1112, Jun 5, 2017.

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