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Save Files Corrupted

Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by Slogan, Apr 8, 2018.

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    Slogan Loyal Member

    Apr 8, 2018
    On two occasions for two different games the 3DS has reported corrupted save files and all progress has been lost, resulting in a very upset 10 year old. Any suggestions from anyone why this may be happening and any steps to prevent?
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    Cmbdia Loyal Member

    Jun 11, 2018
    Have you made any progress with this issue? I am starting to experience this issue too. I got my Stargate like last week. I tried 3 different Sandisk class10 MicroSD 32GB cards and saw the same issue. I only saw this issue on my 2DS while my NN3DS hasn't had a corrupted save file yet. I switched out SD card out of my 2DS system and testing to see if it affects it. When i experienced the issue, I was switching between Asphalt 3D and New Super Mario Bros 2. I tried with the micro SD card formatted to FAT and exFAT and that didn't affect it. I will be testing different micro SD card brands and sizes tonight. Stargate and consoles are up-to-date with latest firmwares.
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    PuppetMaster000 Loyal Member

    Jun 8, 2018
    The Stargate itself is corrupted, send it back for a replacement. I had the same issue, nothing helps.
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    Stoneman Loyal Member

    Jun 14, 2018
    I have a new Stargate Flashcart with the same corrupted save file error. Is it defective or do I have to wait for update?
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    SnoWStyle Loyal Member

    May 22, 2018
    I have the same issue as probably everyone using Stargate.
    I get the save file corrupted message everytime i launch an other game. But it doesn't happen while always playing the same game.
    Anytime you switch game you ll lose your saves in the previous game you were playing...
    There is a way around using JK Save Manager (wich is provided in the Easy install CFW here)

    The way to go with it is the following :

    • Start the game you want to play and reset the save if the game says the save fils are corrupted.
      So until the point you switch game you ll be able to save your progress even if you switch off the console.
    If you want to switch to another game :
    • Keep the game you want to keep the saves selected on the linker.
    • Start JKSM
    • Select Cartidge -> Save Data Options -> Export Save -> Name it. Your saves has been save in the SD card of the console under the Jksm folder.
    • Switch to the other game.
    • Reset saves in game if needed. Play it, Feel free to save anytime needed.
    • When you need to get back to the previous game where you made progress in. Proceed the same way as upper to Export your saves in the current game
    • Switch to the game you want to recover your saves.
    • Start the game ounce and Reset the save in game for the file corrupt message. Quit the game
    • Start JKSM
    • Select Cartidge -> Save Data Options -> Import Save -> Select the JKSM save you want to inject to the Stargate cartidge.
    Sometimes you can also Save the whole JKSM folder on your computer, just in case.
    Et voilĂ , you should be able to recover your save files.
    The process itself is quite annoying at first but when you do it couple of time it will be fast.

    I hope they will fix the issue in the upcoming firmware (Keeping the hope for now)

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