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Slingo Rainbow Riches - A Slot Game With Charisma!

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 13, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Jun 13, 2019 at 6:45 AM
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    If you liked the Rainbow Riches game, you are certainly going to enjoy Slingo’s version even better. Slingo Rainbow reaches is designed to pull you inside the world of magic. It comes with plenty of engaging features and a little bit of Slingo magic sprinkled on top - just the right amount to help you get that pot of gold you’ve been looking for.


    Over time, the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game has become one of the most popular slots people love playing online. If you are wondering why this happened, below you will be able to find the answer. Let's see what this Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game has to offer.

    A Merry Irish Theme

    Slingo Rainbow Riches features a merry Irish theme. There is no other slot game that's going to take you on an adventure to find the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow as this one will. The music and the colors are mesmerizing and the graphic elements go hand in hand with the merry Irish theme.

    You will always be surrounded by a magical rainbow, and this is not the end of it. Once you hit the bonus rounds, you will be taken on a journey rich with lucky coins, toadstools, pots of gold, and wishing wells with a pot of gold awaiting you at the very end.

    Colorful Characters

    To make the gameplay even more interesting, the designers of Slingo Rainbow Riches have introduced colorful characters. While these toons are very distinctive and perfectly reflect the overall Irish theme of this slot game, they will sometimes annoy you. Take for instance the Devil. This guy will appear out of nowhere to block you from winning and he’ll stay there just to annoy you.

    Jokers, on the other hand, are colorful characters able to make you into a rich person. There are two of them. A regular Joker will allow you to choose any number on your grid and mark off the row with the Joker on it. The Super Joker allows you to mark off whichever number you want on the entire grid.

    A Unique Bingo And Slot Combination!

    Among all slot spinners, the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game is held in high regard. While the merry Irish theme and colorful characters are to thank for this, there are a few more important things to know about Slingo Rainbow Riches - an amazing and unique bingo and slot combination!

    Slingo Rainbow Riches became an overnight hit when casino lovers discovered that they can combine slots and bingo. This does not only create unique gameplay mechanics but also ensures huge wins.

    Betting Range

    Setting the betting range in the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot is fairly easy. You can use left and right arrows to set the amount you want. The betting range for this slot goes from 0.50p up to £200.

    How To Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

    Once you set up your bet, you can start the game by pressing the “Start Game” button. You will start with 10 spins. Once you start spinning, you should start matching the numbers on the grid with the numbers on your reel. To win a Slingo, you will have to mark off all the numbers in one of the rows (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).

    There are plenty of bonus rounds that await you once you embark on a Slingo Rainbow Riches adventure:
    • Wishing Well - if you get 3 Whishing Wells you can pick one of them to see what prize awaits you behind it.
    • Cash Crop - this bonus will trigger 50 coins each with a multiplier behind it in front of you. In the end, you are left with a 50/50 chance, or a coin flip.
    • Magic Toadstool - this bonus round will enable you to choose one out of 3 toadstools 3 times in a row. The prizes that await you are x2 and x5 multipliers and a fairy.
    • Magic Toadstool Red - this is the same as the previous one, only this time you get to pick 4 times instead of 3.
    • Road to Riches - in this bonus round, you get to spin the lucky wheel and get incredible prizes.
    • Road to Riches Red - this time, the lucky wheel reveals doubled prizes.
    • Pots of Gold - if you trigger this round, 3 pots will start spinning around - Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The game chooses one for you and you get whatever prize is inside. Get ready for x50 and x1000 multipliers!
    Get Ready To Spin!

    The Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game promises happy and fun times to players who love slots and online slots. With the unique Irish theme and bingo and slot combinations, this slot offers endless opportunities to players. On to of that, there are plenty of bonus rounds to engage you and keep you occupied. If you love this slot, there are plenty of other online games you can play. Check them out by following this link.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 13, 2019.

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