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Team-Xecuter Presents SX INSTALLER v1.5

Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Dec 15, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Dec 15, 2018 at 12:25 PM
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    Also Introducing 'SX Server' v1.1, a new separate download for advanced users!

    Team-Xecuter has updated their SX Installer app, check out the changes below:
    SX Server v1.1 is a separate download for advanced users (Windows PC is required).

    SX_APP_15.jpg SX_Server_11_2.jpg

    More to come soon from us, meanwhile, enjoy this update and thank you for your patience.

    -=< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >=-

    (What follows below is the first announcement regarding the SX Installer from TX, click the 'Spoiler' to see the previous details in full.)

    SX Installer is back with another update!

    Now available in V1.4, it adds several features including support for homebrew install and auto update.
    • Added paging of game icons for large collections to lower memory consumption.
    • Added support for Retroarch ROM icons.
    • Added support for SFTP and FTPS.
    • Added "Homebrew Store" for downloading, installing, and updating SX recommended homebrew applications, including SX Installer itself.
    • Ability to dump updates and DLC's to NSP from XCI titles.
    • General UI enhancements.
    That's all for today. Stay tuned!
    After much 'valuable user feedback' since our last update to SX Installer, Team-Xecuter is back with another great update to our app, checkout v1.3 changes below!

    As pointed out with our previous update, SX Installer has quickly become the 'super tool' that all SX OS users love, and with this v1.3 update, there been improvements, along with minor bug fixes, and of course new features added to enjoy!
    • https support added.
    • Images now download faster, directly through https.
    • "Preload images" more stable.
    • Directories can be copy+pasted, and also deleted in the file browser.
    • Default locations can now be deleted.
    • Improved USB stability.
    • Misc UI enhancements.
    • Improved language translations.
    • Nut network server requires latest version.
    • Added support for 7.0.

    PLEASE NOTE: -- The above 'added support for 7.0' is for newer games/dlc/updates that need the new firmware, please stay on v6.20 firmware and do not update to latest v7.0 at this time!
    Your friends are Team-Xecuter are back today with SX Installer v1.2

    This is a refined, polished version of the super tool all SX OS users love.

    A lot of improvements and bug fixes in this version. Here is a short list of the change log:
    • Fixed save games not backing up sub directories
    • Fixed save game restore.
    • Fixed nut server installations.
    • Fixed touch screen on some screens.
    • Reduced memory consumption by ~30%.
    • Improved stability of nut USB installs.
    • Improved usbhdd stability.
    • Added hex viewer to file browser.
    • Added ability to dump installed eShop games to NSP (ftp, usbhdd, SD).
    • Please be mindful that games larger than 4GB cannot be dumped to fat32 file systems.
    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
    Your friends at Team-Xecuter are back again with another major update for the always improving SX Installer V1.1

    As it becomes a more and more powerful tool, you will find now not only lots of stability improvements, but also key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user to be able to drag the list of games.

    We will let you discover the rest, please find below the change log for v1.1:
    • Fixed "delete after install"
    • Fixed file browser copy progress bar.
    • File browser delete now works for SD, FTP, and USB HDD.
    • File browser rename now works for SD and FTP.
    • File browser can now write to SD, FTP, and USB HDD, so files can be copied to FTP and USB HDD now.
    • Single click back up all game saves!
    • Added Touch Screen support everywhere!
    • Added ability to preload meta images.
    • Images are now stored in image database files, as some fat32 users ran into SD card issues with the sheer number of image files before. /switch/sx/cache/ and /switch/sx/icons/ can now be deleted.
    • Added support for backing up and restoring game saves.
    • There is an option to specify the game save backup directory, which supports SD, FTP, and USB HDD. So you can backup and restore your save games from across the network or from your hard drive.
    • Improved stability for network installs.
    • Improved translations for ZH, NL, and RU.
    • Added confirmation dialog for deleting files.
    More to come soon on all fronts, and as usual do not hesitate to email us for bug reports and suggestions, or to utilize our TX Community for support from fellow users like yourself. Our motivation is your satisfaction.
    After a successful SX OS launch earlier this week (to support firmware v6.2) many of our users were asking where the SX Installer was that was teased in our new 'Features Showcase' video that was also released. :)

    With great excitement we present to you SX Installer v1.0 – Now Available for download at: –> sx.xecuter.com

    This full featured app takes care of installs and so much more! In fact, an overview manual is now being prepared along with screenshots and detailed information on how you can better utilize all of the features we have packed into it.

    This manual will be available on our SX Portal page when it is completed, in the meantime we have opened up a dedicated 'support forum' for the app, and have decided to release it now, to get it in the hands of our loyal SX OS users so you can right away start enjoying the many functions and features it has to offer.

    Basically, at its core SX Installer is an advanced NSP Installer, that allows you to simply list, view, in one easy step, automatically install all your NSPs, along with the matching Game Updates, and DLC Packages, and these can be search and grabbed from many locations, including: FTP, HTTP, NUT Server (separate app on your PC), SD, USB HDD and NAND.

    But that is not all it can do, as you can see from the quick overview below of the main functions. SX Installer has the ability to directly launch XCI games, and even launch your Classic Retro 'Game ROMs' for various different emulators installed, and of course your favorite homebrew apps. It even has a built-in file browser!

    PLEASE NOTE: (currently .xci launching is only supported in firmware 5.x or below – 6.x support is on it's way!)

    To get started, unpack the downloaded sxinstaller.zip and move all of the contents to the root of your SD card. The "sx.nro" file should be stored in /switch/sx/

    Below is just a quick overview of the main functions of our SX Installer App:
    • Ability to show titles in table view, or icon cover view.
    • Install NSP's from FTP, HTTP, NUT, SD, USB HDD, and NAND.
    • Ignores firmware requirement when installing.
    • Ability to queue multiple title installs.
    • Ability to search titles.
    • Ability to list and delete tickets.
    • Ability to export all title keys installed on the system.
    • Ability to overclock to install faster in some situations.
    • UI Translation into 12 languages.
    • Title meta-data translation into 12 languages.
    • Downloads and displays game artwork (internet connection required).
    • Ability to list, view, and delete application records (lets you uncleanly forcibly uninstall a DLC or update)
    • Ability to list installed titles, and launch them (launching is 5.x and below only)
    • Ability to list XCI's mount them, and auto-launch (launching is 5.x and below only)
    • Ability to list and install new games available, with the option to install all new games
    • Ability to automatically install the latest patch and all DLC with a game.
    • Ability to protect users from running malicious unsigned code accidentally by blocking all unsigned code installation unless explicitly enabled.
    • Ability to list and install newer updates available for your game(s), with the option to install all updates
    • Ability to list and install newer DLC available for your game(s), with the option to install all DLC
    • Ability to list all incomplete installs (like when the SD gets corrupted, or you swap SD cards without copying data), with option to reinstall all of them.
    • Ability to list and launch NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA, SMS, SG, SCD, GG, and SG1000 RetroArch games.
    • List and launch Homebrew apps
    • File browser that lets you explore your file systems, delete files (SD only), and copy files (only SD is writable)
    That's it for now! Have fun diving into all the cool features this app has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for the full manual. It will be posted as soon as it's ready! :)

    OFFICIAL SITE: https://team-xecuter.com (and for their latest downloads, please check here) --> https://sx.xecuter.com
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Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Dec 15, 2018.

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