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Teensy 2.0++ help

Discussion in 'PS3 Modding Tutorials' started by xanadu247, Apr 3, 2013.

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    xanadu247 Loyal Member

    Apr 2, 2013
    setup is teensy 2.0++ on nor console kte-001, with 4volt battery running teensy and atx powering board running at 2volts with 2 step down diodes. I tried atx power at 3.3volts and no chip id ever.

    I can get chip id to read Spansion, but it says unknown type, just a string like 01e45, by powering ps3 with 3.3volts for about 30 seconds, then disconnecting pos lead, and then powering teensy with battery. Any other setup, yields unknown chip id and type.

    tried soldered and solderless 360clip with same results

    dump is not good. 00s are 10% but ffs are only 5% and i get a lot of repeating digits mixed up between what looks like good data.

    I get tristate low and chip enable low, all others are high in latest norway

    any help would be appreciated

    would a resistor trick help to pullup the lines and how would i do that

    thanks in advance

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