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The Difference Between Console and Slot Bonuses

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 27, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Aug 27, 2020 at 2:31 PM
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    The gaming industry has often been described as a plethora of entertainment for every kind of gamer regardless of interests, the things they like, and what attracts them to the games they play. This multi-billion-dollar industry includes mobile gaming, computer gaming, console gaming, and online gaming. With this wide variety of options for the gaming masses, there are bound to be words and terminology that double over and leak into a facet or two. The term bonus is currently used in consoling gaming and with online gaming varieties such as slots. This can cause a lot of confusion for novice players or those who are trying their hand at online casino games for the first time.

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    The Console Bonus

    For the avid players of console games, a bonus round is not what online bettors know and understand at all. They can be viewed as similar but in a very loose way. Bonuses on console games are usually accompanied by the word “stage”, which means that console gamers, such as those who play Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles, are always playing bonus stages. The point of this bonus stage is to reward players for a job well done at a previous level. Console players will be allowed to collect extra coins, acquire specialty tools or other items that will advance them in the game. Bonus stage awards players with things they want, but could do without, akin to an online slot player who gets a bonus but does not necessarily need it, which is where the similarity comes in. The main difference here is that console bonuses are limited as that they can only advance players on a virtual plane and do nothing for these players’ realities.

    Not all console games offer players this pleasant break from the storyline and throw them into consequence-free scenarios but there are a few gaming titles such as Earthworm Jim, Resident Evil, and The Simpsons Arcade Game that are all renowned for their interesting and fun bonus stages.

    The Slot Bonus

    One the other hand, players who enjoy online gambling games are privy to a different, and by no means inferior, variety of bonuses altogether. Bonuses come in many shapes and forms which only adds to the excitement of the online gaming experience in-store. Certain gaming titles, in conjunction with online casinos, will offers players a welcome bonus that many players consider seriously before they choose to commit to an online casino. There are other bonuses that sites such us the popular Jackpot City Casino offer for loyal members as well, where players can be awarded free coins, to wager on certain games or even free spins that can be used for online slot gaming. Free spins are, by far, the most sought after and desirable bonus on offer for players indulging in this facet of the industry and can be taken advantage of with Jackpot city free credits and other similar offers online. Free spins allow players to enjoy specified slot, also known as fruit or pokie machine, titles while saving their bankroll. These free spins could result in winning rolls that guarantee great payouts from time to time.

    The main difference between online casino bonuses that are offered on slots and bonus stages offered on console games, is that the free spins awarded to players require minimal effort from the player and will result in real-life financial gain that allows players to advance in reality opposed to a virtual realm. What makes this offer even more attractive is that the bonuses for belonging to certain online casinos are on-going with new and unique bonuses once a month, and in rare cases, even once a week.

    A Little Something Extra

    Online and offline gaming developers seemed to have cracked the code and discovered that loyalty from players will lead to their success. The bonuses on offer for online casinos and the bonus stages for console gaming make players feel appreciated with the added benefit of creating a very exciting and fun environment for those who indulge. Bonus stages in console games could create a variation for gamers who play the same game more than once because they love it so much. Bonuses are handed out at online casinos to ensure that customers leave happy and anticipating their next online gaming session with a trusted and generous casino.


Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 27, 2020.

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