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PS4 v4.55 The Last of US--PS4 Cheater--4.55 Cheat Codes

Discussion in 'PS4 Game Cheat Codes' started by rednekcowboy, Mar 10, 2018.

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    forget the cht file, it's useless and after a save and reload u lose the ammo again and have to search and find it but it's still always the address in the screenshot--you just have to work for it every time you load the game lol

    Haven't posted this tip anywhere else--maxconsole exclusive!! lol

    When finding ammo, you start off with 4. Search 4 and check off the box so it searches all locations. When that is done, fire a shot and seach 3, click next scan. Do the same and search 2, click next scan. Now fire one more shot so you are down to 1 ammo--DO NOT HIT NEXT SCAN. Click refresh instead. You will still have a big list. The first 3 at the top will have a value of one but they are useless. You will have 1 more address with a value of 1--that is your baby!!

    AND stumped again!! The moment you pop up to the diner, the ammo drops to 20 and changes location once again. Not only location and address, but completely different search params. It is not longer a 2byte location....

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