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The Nintendo Switch Is Becoming Too Beloved For Third Parties To Ignore

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 12, 2017.

By GaryOPA on May 12, 2017 at 3:18 PM
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    At this point in its life cycle, the Nintendo Switch is essentially the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of video game consoles.

    Everybody loves it, it can charm even the biggest of skeptics, and you might seriously consider electing it president in 2020 if that were possible.
    There been alot of speculation that the Nintendo Switch could be getting some good third-party support after various comments from EA and Ubisoft hit the Internet, but still seeing AAA+ games like Halo, or Prey, or Overwatch or Assassin's Creed on Switch is not really going to occur due still the technical limits of the Switch being both a portable and home console in one and not up to par when compared to the rapidly selling PlayStation 4 or the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio with its Native 4k support and enhanced 1080p.
    Most likely what we will see if the Switch keeps on selling, is tons of low-quality shovel-ware like on the original Wii console with over 2,000 titles but only a few jewels in all that worth playing, but what are your thoughts on future 3rd-party games for Switch hybrid?

    NEWS SOURCE: The Nintendo Switch Is Becoming Too Beloved For Third Parties To Ignore (via) Forbes
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 12, 2017.

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      WoIverine Loyal Member

      Sep 27, 2007
      That sounds about right, wouldn't surprise me.
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      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      to be fair its been the case for a very long time.

      nintendo keep promising better third party support but they never provide the hardware so they can support it with its next big AAA title.

      the switch will again be limited and what support it will get will either be old last gen ports or cheap shovelware crap which will be repetitive based around its gimmicks.

      nintendo do not care about consoles anymore, all they care about is releasing cheap old hardware and hope its next gimmick will make the console sell like hot cakes and continue to release the same old crap.

      thing i dont get in forums and that is how nintendo fanboys are the worse people you could ever come across, they try counter and defend nintendo with bs logics and insist its the best.

      i mean the even refuse to accept that all nintendo have tried to do is take a slice of the tablet/mobile market, hence the wii u basically being a tablet/console which failed due to shit hardware (yet they claim it had the best games) now nintendo stole the idea off the morphus x300 and everyones like no they havent, nintendo are innovative.

      erm fuck reet off, again theyve release a cheap system, copied off the morphus to make it sound better than it is, its hardware fails to provide anything the current (last gen) systems are getting, wont even compete with the likes of scorpio or sony's next system and will again prove to be littered with shit.

      nintendo have tried to prevent another wii u failure by combining both its portable market and home console market into one, and yes we see nintendo bragging about its high sales...... well to be fair nintendo your sales figures is actually combining two markets into one and i dont give a shit if your console is selling like hot cakes, i want a console that will provide new titles, not the same shit as before.

      thing with nintendo is, its off to a good start but it fails to keep the momentum going, take the PS4/XBX1 both had strong sales but have keept a good sales figure going still after all these years.

      i bet in 4 years time we wont see the same with the switch, if anything i can bet nintendo will again be first to have to release a new system...... i wonder what BS theyll copy off this time and claim to be innovative.
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      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011
      I doubt it will get to that point.

      Personally, I disagree with the notion that there were few gems on the wii. There were actually quite a lot of good games on it. Sure there was a lot of shovelware, and the games on the wii didn't make up for it missing most of the good games of the generation, but when I was seeing if there were any good games on the wii, I found out there were a lot more than previously thought.

      The problem though is that Nintendo played everybody that gen. They promised great third party support, but never gave a shit about quality control and essentially made the users figure it out themselves. And that's if they even mentioned the games, most of the time they preferred advertising their own games by featuring them instead of the good indie games.

      The devs were also played because they were promised a large user base and it turned out most of the user base was completely irrelevant. Just about everybody had one, even grandma and grandpa and the nursing home, but these people aren't interested in most games and they'd never go onto the digital store channel either. And devs found out that even the games with weaker graphics tended to do better on other platforms. Since most gamers would likely own one of the other consoles or a pc they tended to see them on those platforms before the wii and they preferred it since Nintendo's digital store was highly primitive compared to PSN or Xbox Live, especially since buying a game on the wii's shop channel tied it to that console, not to an account. Retail games were often difficult to find. Many of the good games I found were not even sold in most of the game stores around where I live. I could walk in and pick out any game for the ps3 or 360 if I wanted, but finding wii games was always a hassle because of the complete lack of quality control that made finding anything other than the latest Mario game difficult.

      The last problem is that out of the people that largely bought only Nintendo consoles, they also only bought Nintendo's games, For years devs have realized most Nintendo gamers only buy Nintendo games, and so their efforts go to waste. A lot of youtubers I watch recommended wonderful 101 in their top tens of 2013 for instance. These people play games on many different platforms and bought a wii u for the good games on it, but Wonderful 101 and titles like it did not sell well, because they were not made by Nintendo. The closest Nintendo fanboys got to supporting a third party dev was when platinum made Bayonetta 2 exclusive to the Wii U. Since Nintendo funded and published it, it was as if the fanboys allowed themselves to buy something else for a change. Essentially though this contributed to the problems the wii u faced. Because Nintendo treated curation like a mobile app store, looking out for the illegal stuff, and things with mature content (though they have loosened up a tiny bit over the years) but not giving a damn about the actual quality, and since actual quality had little to do with how well a game did, the wii u had the real issue.

      While I could find many good games on the wii with a bit of searching on the internet, all my searching was fruitless for the wii u. It has a few good games like the shantae games but for the most part I found games such as memerun or epic dumpster bear. These kind of games just would not really pass on most other platforms, and even for all of the complaining about how steam is lax in quality control, it's not difficult to find the good games on steam as opposed to the wii u since most of the shit is just as highly rated as the gems are on the wii u eshop.

      Then in comes the switch. Fortunately it doesn't seem that it has a large amount of casual gamers to artificially inflate demand like with the wii, but most of the problems still persist. Nintendo still doesn't give a damn about quality control, and it is obvious why, because for every epic dumpster bear they can point to one of their own titles and claim that they are the best. Nintendo fanboys won't really reward devs for putting their games on the switch, just like they didn't on the wii and wii u and on previous consoles as well. Because it is a problem that Nintendo has had for years, ever since the gamecube at the latest. And so third party devs have to look to the core gamers, and hope that a lot of them buy a switch as well, but even then if these devs have their games on other platforms the core gamers will likely just buy it there instead.

      Ironically there are certainly games that I feel could suit the switch perfectly fine, just like with the wii u. But Nintendo has always had the idea that devs owe them and that anything they put on their systems should benefit Nintendo. When Axiom Verge was rejected by Nintendo for porting to the switch, the developers and gamers were left confused, and Nintendo's reasoning of "no late ports" was not exactly clear especially since there were already other late ports. Most of these had exclusive content or timed exclusitivity to certain features however and since axiom verge wasn't doing that, Nintendo didn't want it. It's actually incredibly selfish and harmful. When Microsoft had a similar harmful policy, I remember many calling them out on it. And it was clearly seen as inflicting self-harm as well. Microsoft had the upper hand though, they weren't the new app. Nintendo really can't afford to hurt themselves and their customers, but Nintendo is ironically more anti-consumer than even companies such as EA. I've never seen a company with such a low view of their customer base, and their fanboys are masochists to that kind of treatment so Nintendo will likely never change in that regard, although I have a hard time believing they would choose to adapt rather than go down. They're too stubborn for that, but regardless their fanboys certainly enable them to continue this as long as they can.
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      WoIverine Loyal Member

      Sep 27, 2007
      lol, that actually made me laugh. It reminds me of a certain kid I know whose parents won't let him have an XB1, or PS4 due to the more adult nature of some of the games on both. He did get a Switch though and has become a ninty die-hard fanboy. I just kind of nod my head and play along when he brings up how superior Nintendo is. He's a good kid, so it's not really his fault. At least his parents keep an eye on what's he's doing, so that's a positive I guess.

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