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The Relationship Between Gaming and Online Casinos

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 7, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Jun 7, 2019 at 6:50 PM
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    More of us than ever before are choosing to gamble online rather than head down to the local bookmakers or even make our way down to the casino, and there is one main reason for this, and that is convenience. Why would you go out of your way, spend money on travel as well as waste your time when you can gamble on the way to work or even from the comfort of your own home on either your desktop or your laptop. There are two areas of interest when you go to gamble online. You can either try your luck through online games, or you can play at the online casino. Today we are going to look at the relationship between the two and just how profitable and popular they've become for these online casino operators.


    How popular are they?

    To put it in perspective as to just how popular online gambling is between both gaming and casinos, it has recently accounted for 33% of all gambling carried out in Britain and generated around £4.5 billion. To split this between the two £2.6 billion came from online casinos and £1.9 billion from sports betting and bingo/lottery games such as Keno. This surge in popularity towards online gambling is also thanks in part to legislation brought in limiting the amount punters can stake on FOBT or Fixed Odds Betting Terminals which allow players to play slot games which have driven people to want to play online gaming instead.

    Online casinos are also popular as they have the social aspect of being able to join a blackjack table with people from all over the world and have a chat with them about any topic at all. This has been referred to as social gambling as these type of punters aren't going online simply to reap the financial rewards but rather to potentially win a bit of money but also to have a good time. Sometimes this can be the only means of contact with other people that someone might have, so that has a hugely positive impact on that individual's life.

    Going to back to the introduction where we mentioned the main reason people gamble online is the convenience, a study was carried out which found that 97% of people when playing online were doing so from home, 10% did whilst they were on their daily commute and the final 7% would be in the pubs. Just over half of us who have gambled online have done so using a tablet or a mobile as this is found to be a lot more convenient. Another advantage for online players is that there are plenty of online casinos to choose from, and you can be playing multiple at the same time, whereas with land-based casinos, you can only beat one at once. This is just one of the few reasons why people are starting to lean towards gambling online through online games and casinos.

    As you can see from the figures in the UK alone, online gaming and casinos generate huge revenues both for the businesses themselves and for the governments in question through taxation, and this is why it has remained so popular across many countries and particularly in the online realm.

    This generation of revenue, however, is not solely through players losing but through adverts being run through the website as well as players paying to be part of loyalty programs.

    In countries where it is legal, such as the UK for example, there are no issues as they can domestically regulate the online casino operators. This ensures that the casinos operate responsibly and keep the customer safe from any escalating gambling and can also keep them proactive in detecting any signs of addiction. We have started to see this in the UK with as we mentioned, the increase in regulations surrounding betting limits on FOBT's in bookmakers which we've also seen implemented into online games.

    A final few words

    Hopefully, this article today has illustrated clearly the relationship between online gaming and online casinos. Ideally, you'll have also learned about why they've grown so much in terms of popularity due to the emergence of technology.

    Looking forward to the future, we can only expect the numbers of people gambling online to grow, but at the same time, governments are showing concern towards the spiraling number of people becoming addicted to gambling.

    These concerns have prompted large scale reviews into how this gambling activity can be regulated more thoroughly. Independent schemes such as 'Gamble Responsibly' have also demanded that these online casinos and gaming operators do their due diligence thoroughly in order to prevent money laundering. If you want to join an online casino that provides many different bonuses, is responsible and has a great community why not join americancasinos.com today and find the best bookmaker that can fit your personal needs perfectly.

    The future of online casinos looks brighter than it has ever been, and technologies such as the use of virtual reality will see the industry grow to new levels that the online gaming world has never seen before. The role that video games play in this growth shouldn't be understated, as many characters are now frequently seen online in slot games. This brings a broader audience to online casinos, while also working vice-versa.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 7, 2019.

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