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The Similarities Between Online Casinos and Video Games

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 27, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Aug 27, 2020 at 2:14 PM
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    Online casinos and online gambling are rapidly becoming more popular all over the world. As the technology behind games has improved, so too has the technology used to create online casinos. Now, high definition graphics aren’t just for AAA video game titles. Plenty of software studios are able to utilize new technologies to make games more immersive and more fun to play than ever before.

    If you’ve never played at an online casino before, you probably wouldn’t think that there’s much in common between video games and casino games. However, there are quite a lot of similarities between the two. Both the gambling industry and the gaming industry regularly take inspiration from each other. Here are a few of the main similarities between modern video games and online casino:

    Free Gaming

    Online casinos have always been free to sign up and play, although you do need to deposit money if you want to win real cash. The games industry is gradually becoming more receptive to free games too. After the success of free games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and others, many games developers and publishers now see the advantage of releasing a game for free.

    If you release a free game, many more players are more likely to play. You might be wondering how games companies make money from this, but the answer is simple. They sell in-game items or extras, which either enhance the playing experience or add more customization.

    Online casinos work in a similar way. It’s free to sign up, and you’ll normally pick up a casino bonus to start with. However, if you want to increase the amount of fun, you’ll need to pay to play.

    As the gaming industry grows, developers are looking for new ways to attract more players to sign up and play. A lot of casual gamers are unable to spend $50 on a brand new game, but if a game is free, they might be tempted to spend a lot of money on it over the years. Both League of Legends and Fortnite have created hundreds of millions in revenue from this model, and more video games are likely to follow in the coming years.


    RNG, or random number generation, is a component of many video games and the majority of casino games. At a real casino, the outcome is determined by the roll of a dice, the spin of a wheel, or the cards drawn from a deck. These processes are completely random, and therefore fair and impossible to influence. Online casino games use a random number generator to create this random effect for their games. If you play a casino game such as Roulette online, the outcome is determined by the computer program choosing a random number.

    In a similar way, a lot of situations in video games are determined by a random number generator. Most games require skill to play and master, but there is still often a lot of luck involved. If you’re playing a video game that involves competitive play, there might be random elements added to the game to balance things and make it fair for both teams, regardless of player skill.

    RNG has been used in video games since some of the very earliest games. Often it can be a source of frustration for players, but it’s also a lot of fun and makes games more unpredictable.

    Some video games are even starting to add what’s known as lootboxes. These are purchasable items that have a mystery prize inside. You pay a small amount and unlock a random reward that can be used in-game.


Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 27, 2020.

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