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Top Esport Bets Bonuses in 2019

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 21, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Jun 21, 2019 at 6:18 AM
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    Bonuses are a great incentive to offer when you want players to bet on your site.

    These bonuses can come when you make an initial deposit on the betting site, when you refer s friend to the site, a no deposit bonus when you sign up on the site or in form of cashback. Most eSports bookmakers offer these bonuses to give players an edge over their preferred eSportsbook. Although bonuses are enticing, they come with some hidden features which you have to be aware of so as not to get disillusioned. Some might come with high withdrawal requirement which might seem unrealistic so, make sure you read up on all key requirements relating to any bonus you choose before accepting it or opting for it. This might prove to be quite a challenge as the bonuses on offer are numerous. Just take you time and save your time by reading the attached terms and conditions to each type of bonus.

    The number of online bookies who are adding eSports to their offerings are growing as eSports grows. This is the driving force of competition between eSport betting sites. To keep existing punter to come back for more and entice new ones to choose their betting sites over others, these eSport betting sites offer various kinds of bonuses which are available on any of your favourite games like Dota 2 , CS:GO etc and with the rate at which these games and tournaments are growing, eSports betting odds are in your favour.

    If playing online casino is your thing, then you have an idea how eSport betting works. But, ensure you read carefully about these bonuses to know how they differ from playing online casino. Here are some top eSport bets bonuses out there.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    This is the zenith of eSport bonuses. It is also the most sought after both in eSport and gambling. As the name implies, that is exactly what it means. Players a bonus which is credited into their betting accounts at signup, most especially when they are newly registered players on a betting site. This bonus can be in form of free bets, free cash which can then be played on any of the offered eSports matches. On most betting sites, there is a no credit card requirement which makes this bonus very enticing to players who want to bet but not risk their own cash. Although they sound easy to get, they are often not so. Make sure you read up on the terms and conditions applied to this bonus so as not to be disappointed when you don’t get it.

    Free Bets

    This is one of the greatest tactics which eSports bookmakers engage in. They employ this to get huge numbers of visitors and players to their betting sites. It is good to note that most times these bets are activated when you make a deposit and the deposit has to be of a certain value. Sadly, free bets are not often on these betting sites but when they do come around grab them on your favourite eSports games.

    Deposit Bonus

    This happens to be one of the most popular forms of bonuses offered by eSports bookmakers on their betting sites. This is typically linked to a players first deposit in his account. How this works for most sites is, depending on the amount deposited, the site credits you with a certain percentage of that amount. This is why you would see on some eSport betting site a deposit bonus of 100% on up to $200, which translates to a $200 deposit bonus on your $200 in your account which adds up to $400. It is good to remember with this kind of bonus that the limit is $200, so any amount credited into the account by any player in excess of $200 will still get only a $200 deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses can also be applied to second or third deposits in your account. These are called ‘reload bonuses’.


    Cashbacks are a way by which eSport betting sites cushion the fall of an unlucky loss for a player. they apply this bonus to help soften the blow from losses experienced on bets made. This is done by directly crediting the players account with a percentage of the amount which they lost. This ensures a sort of safety net around a players funds used on his wagers on the eSport betting site. Cashback promotions are not frequent occurrences on eSports betting sites, they are really limited but when they are on, they could run from one week to as much as a month during a period. This allure of this bonus is that players risks on bets are reduced slightly with a cashback.

    There are other promotions which eSport bookmakers offer on their sites. As a player who is interested in eSport bets, read through the various promotions including the terms and conditions attached to each bonus so as to be fully aware of the key requirements of any bonus before opting for it. Although it goes without saying that, eSports betting is on the rise. The games played in eSport see millions of fans worldwide invested in the outcomes of matches, tournaments, leader boards, etc. This increase in interest in the games and steady rise of players registered to play has given the rise for eSport to be added on betting sites.

    Be it a no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, cashback or free bets, these bonuses are a great way to begin your journey placing wagers on your best players in the game or even your best teams. The fear of loosing all your money is cushioned by these bonuses which are designed to make you take that bold step towards raking in some winnings either huge or small when you bet on your favourite games. Like it is said in the contest of districts in the popular ‘Hunger Games’, may the odds be in your favour.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 21, 2019.

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