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TX Presents SX Installer v3.0.0 - Now with Cheats and NSZ Support!

Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by ub3r1337, Oct 6, 2019.

By ub3r1337 on Oct 6, 2019 at 5:24 PM
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    Jul 2, 2015
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    Last week, TX released SX OS v2.9.1 BETA with v9.0.1 support! And now today, they are releasing a large v3.0.0 update to our SX INSTALLER App.

    Earlier today, Team-Xecuter released finally their much needed update to their SX Installer app, now with their v3.0.0 release it integrates 'cheats' into it, and also adds support for compressed NSP's, called NSZ that have recently hit the underground channels, read on for vast list of changes they made in this release, and as usual you can find the download on their SX Portal website! :)
    PLEASE NOTE: After extensive internal testing of this update, TX reports there is still an small issue when scanning your connected USBHDD for files/games contents. And they will addressed this bug in a future update, and are looking forward to your valuable feedback on any other oversights they may had missed during their testing.


    As usual stay tuned to the TX website, as they are not finished, there are more great updates coming from them over the next few weeks. And don't forgot for full support to join their TX Community and their Discord server.

    —< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—
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Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by ub3r1337, Oct 6, 2019.

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