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UPDATED: Official MaxConsole Stargate 3DS Review

Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by realtimesave, Dec 10, 2017.

By realtimesave on Dec 10, 2017 at 3:13 AM
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    realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

    Oct 5, 2013
    The wait is finally over. The ultimate Nintendo 3DS flash cart is here: the Stargate 3DS.

    In this review, the basic operations of this flash cart will be covered as well as testing several DS and 3DS games. This flash cart is plug and play and can switch between DS and 3DS mode on the fly as well as within its DS menu.

    After my initial review of the pre-release version earlier this weekend, the StarGate 3DS team has been working with me on some of the issues i found during my initial review and extensive testing, and I have posted an update from them HERE which you can read, and have updated some of my points in my review below.

    Please note that this is a pre-release version of the Stargate 3DS Nintendo 3DS flash cart. The final version may differ slightly and have improved compatibility over this one. This flash cart currently does not support “region free” (Retail ROM images of games from outside the region of the console it is inserted into are not supported. For example, it does not officially play Japan and Europe ROMs on a USA system). If you require region free, use Ntrboothax / magnethax and install a CFW (custom firmware).

    In the past, 3DS flash carts required files to be copied onto the internal SD card of the console and the user to go into some system menus to launch. That is not the case with the Stargate 3DS. It operates similar to the old style DS flash carts, only requiring its firmware files and menu to be copied directly to its own microSD card. This is very convenient especially for New 3DS owners because now the user is not required to open the back of the New 3DS or the side panel of the Old 3DS system to get the MicroSD or SD card out of their system.

    We will begin by taking a look at the Stargate 3DS package and its contents.

    IMG_3041.JPG IMG_3042.JPG

    IMG_3043.JPG IMG_3044.JPG

    IMG_3045.JPG IMG_3046.JPG

    The Stargate 3DS ships in a tall thin box with a matte finish. Within the box is the Stargate 3DS as well as a MicroSD to USB adapter with a nice Stargate 3DS logo printed on it. The inner box also has the Stargate 3DS logo and has a flap secured by a small transparent circle sticker.

    This flash cart is the easiest to set up and use. This is the first and only 3DS flash cart that operates as plug and play. All that is required is copying the firmware / menu set to the MicroSD card that is to be inserted into the flash cart. Once this is done, insert the Stargate 3DS into the 3DS console and turn it on. This flash cart can also be ejected and removed and put back in while the system is operating just like a retail cartridge.

    IMG_3047.JPG IMG_3052.JPG

    When inserting the Stargate 3DS into the console, the cover sticker can get caught on the metal chassis of the system. This is not going to be the case on the final product. A thinner sticker will come with it. The pre-release cartridge itself is not too thick but it is just thick enough for this to become a small issue. Removing the cartridge is easy but it may not come out as smoothly as a retail cartridge due to the sticker being just thick enough to cause it to be a tiny bit snug inside the console.

    IMG_3049.JPG IMG_3048.JPG

    The Stargate 3DS comes equipped with a small set of two buttons, a micro USB female port, and an LED changing color light indicator for operation. The two small buttons are for selecting 3DS ROMs but when both are pressed at the same time, the flash cart enters DS mode. To update the internal firmware of the flash cart, there is a micro USB female port included. This port is not important to this review because there is no new firmware available currently so the operation of this port will not be included. For the light indicators, when the LED is red, that means there is a problem with the microSD card that is inserted. Green indicates that it is reading the game image and a momentary purple flash indicates that its status is OK.

    Let’s try out some games and test both 3DS and DS modes.

    3DS games can be selected either by using the left and right buttons on the flash cart or from within the Nintendo DS flash cart mode’s menu which will be discussed next.

    IMG_3081.JPG IMG_3055.JPG


    Tested 3DS games:

    • Asphalt 3D
    • BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2
    • Bust a Move Universe
    • Castlevania Mirror of Fate US
    • Corpse Party
    • Disney Art Academy
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (New 3DS XL with CFW)
    • Dragon Ball Fusions
    • Dragon Quest VII
    • Hyrule Warriors Legends
    • Kid Icarus Uprising
    • Kirby Planet Robobot
    • Kirby Triple Deluxe
    • Lego City Undercover
    • Madden Football
    • Mario Golf World Tour
    • Mario Kart 7
    • Mario Party Island Tour
    • Mario Tennis Open
    • Megaman Legacy Collection
    • Metroid Federation Force
    • Metroid: Samus Returns (New 3DS XL with CFW)
    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    • New Super Mario Bros. 2 (dumped from original cart through Godmode9)
    • Picross 3D Round 2 New 3DS
    • Pilotwings Resort
    • Pokemon Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire
    • Pokemon X and Y
    • Puzzle Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Edition
    • Rayman 3D
    • Ridge Racer 3D
    • Sega 3D Classics Collection
    • Sega 3D Classics Collection Volume 2 Japan (New 3DS XL with CFW)
    • Sega 3D Classics Collection Volume 3 Japan (New 3DS XL with CFW)
    • Shadow Warriors Chronicles
    • Sonic Boom Fire and Ice
    • Starfox 64 3D
    • Steel Diver Sub Wars (dumped from original cart through Godmode9)
    • Super Mario 3D Land
    • The Oregon Trail
    • Transformers Dark of the Moon
    • World Wrestling All Stars
    • WRC FIA World Rally Championship (New 3DS XL with CFW)
    • Yoshi's New Island
    • Zelda A Link Between Worlds
    • Zelda Triforce Heroes
    Not Working:
    • All eShop 3DS titles
    • All Europe games (on a US console, region free is not supported yet)
    • All Japan games (on a US non-modified console)
    • Castlevania Mirror of Fate Japan (on a US console, region free is not supported yet)
    • eShop 3D Classics Kid Icarus
    • eShop Mega Man 6
    • Mario Party The Top 100
    • New Super Mario Bros. 2 (bad dump)
    • Pokemon Sun and Moon
    • Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
    • Steel Diver: Sub Wars (bad dump)
    IMG_3076.JPG IMG_3078.JPG

    IMG_3079.JPG IMG_3080.JPG

    IMG_3084.JPG IMG_3085.JPG

    IMG_3088.JPG IMG_3090.JPG

    IMG_3091.JPG IMG_3097.JPG

    IMG_3099.JPG IMG_3100.JPG

    IMG_3101.JPG IMG_3102.JPG


    IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3112.JPG

    IMG_3103.JPG IMG_3104.JPG

    IMG_3107.JPG IMG_3108.JPG

    Some 3DS titles are not working which are the newest games. This is going to be addressed in a future update. Bad dumps that work on other flash carts do not work on the Stargate 3DS. I was amazed to see that the “scene” improperly dumped at least a couple of common games and that I could do an exact duplicate of a retail cart without any issue. Of course I had to use CFW in order to dump the games myself.

    In order to access DS mode, press both buttons on the flash cart together while the system is on. The Alex Rider: Stormbreaker game icon will then be displayed and upon launching will take the user to the DS menu. DS games are directly launched and played from within this menu. If a 3DS game is selected, it will take the user back to the 3DS system menu and display the icon for the game there. Please note that I tested Castlevania games which, in the past, had compatibility issues with slow microSD cards in DS flash carts.

    Tested DS games:

    • Advance Wars: Dual Strike
    • Age of Empires: Age of Kings (Europe)
    • Bomberman DS (Japan)
    • Call of Duty 4 (Japan)
    • Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Diddy Kong Racing
    • Dragon Quest V
    • Mario Kart DS
    • Metal Slug 7
    • Pokemon Diamond
    • Super Mario 64 DS
    • Tetris DS
    • Yoshi Touch & Go
    Not working:
    • None!
    IMG_3053.JPG IMG_3057.JPG

    IMG_3064.JPG IMG_3065.JPG

    IMG_3066.JPG IMG_3067.JPG

    IMG_3068.JPG IMG_3069.JPG

    IMG_3070.JPG IMG_3071.JPG

    IMG_3072.JPG IMG_3073.JPG

    IMG_3058.JPG IMG_3059.JPG

    IMG_3060.JPG IMG_3061.JPG

    All Nintendo DS games work fine and do not freeze. Just remember to format the microSD card as FAT32, otherwise you will get two white screens and be forced to either go back to the main system menu or power off the console. Currently this flash cart does not currently support exFAT for DS games, but this will be added later in a future update.

    IMG_3123.JPG IMG_3124.JPG

    IMG_3125.JPG IMG_3126.JPG

    IMG_3127.JPG IMG_3128.JPG

    IMG_3115.JPG IMG_3116.JPG

    IMG_3117.JPG IMG_3118.JPG

    On a New 3DS system with CFW (custom firmware), I was able to get a couple Japanese games to work. These were: Sega Classics Collection volumes 2 and 3. The other game I tested, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate (Japan version) did not work. Keep in mind that neither region free nor CFW is currently supported by Stargate 3DS and since there are multiple different CFW in the wild, you can possibly get region free to work on your own for more games.

    The problem with running CFW on the New 3DS is that it makes the Stargate 3DS’ DS mode incompatible with the console and it will display garbled screens on both the upper and lower screens, asking the user to select a language. This is not normal operation of the DS mode on this flash cart. CFW is not currently officially supported by the Stargate 3DS and different CFW versions may have different results. If you already have CFW on your system and need to uninstall it, use the B9S-Uninstall script after launching Godmode9.

    Another problem I found was that DS games give two white screens if launched from a microSD card formatted with exFAT. The DS games ran flawlessly from a FAT32 volume microSD card. exFAT will be added for DS games in a future update.

    IMG_3119.JPG IMG_3120.JPG

    IMG_3121.JPG IMG_3122.JPG

    Compatibility with late 3DS games was also an issue. Every ROM ran fine up until Mario Party The Top 100, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Metroid: Samus Returns. Metroid: Samus Returns ran fine when the New 3DS was running CFW but would not be recognized after CFW was removed from the console. Compatibility for these games is being worked on and will be included in a future update to the cartridge's firmware.

    I also found that if you are running the incorrect system firmware revision, newer games will refuse to load. So make sure that you are running the appropriate version of the system firmware for the games you are playing. This is a ROM software issue and not an issue related to the Stargate 3DS itself.

    Nintendo eShop 3DS ROMs are also incompatible with the Stargate 3DS. They will not run and if the user manages to select the game on the main screen of the 3DS, it will not display an icon for the game. The eShop games are hacked to work so it is not too surprising that they do not work on this flash cart.

    The Stargate 3DS supports online gaming mode. This requires a proper header file to be applied to the ROM to be played online. In the past, we saw the need for a new file extension: *.3dz files. The *.3dz file extension games do not display in its menu and cannot be launched. Renaming the *.3dz files to *.3ds allows the games to be recognized and to launch and be played online.

    This flash cart is the latest and to be the greatest flash cart of all time after team Stargate 3DS does a few updates. Currently, it is excellent for those whom just want to play their region of 3DS games and DS games without having to modify their console in any way. Team Stargate is prepared to support this product for several years with updates to both 3DS and DS modes. We should be seeing better compatibility of games, DS cheat mode, better exFAT support, region free, and more in the future.

    In its current state, with the issues faced while testing this flash cart, I give this flash cart a B+. It is excellent as a plug-and-play flash cart but lacks a few features that people are used to seeing in a 3DS flash cart package.

    • Supports all Nintendo 3DS and 2DS console variants.
    • Supports all versions of System NAND (all of the 3DS console’s internal system “Version”).
    • Fully plug and play.
    • Supports 99% of 3DS games per console region (future updates will allow the entire library to run).
    • Supports all DS games.
    • Supports exFAT and FAT32 file systems (older 4GB 3DS ROMs do work in exFAT).
    • Drag and drop ROM file support to microSD card.
    • Does not require any files to be installed on the console’s internal SD card.
    • Does not require the 3DS console to be software or hardware modified.
    • Supports both DS and 3DS games.
    • Supports online gaming.
    • On the fly switching between DS and 3DS mode.
    • 3DS and DS ROMs supported within the DS mode menu.
    • Better updates supporting more CFW variants will be added.
    • Super NES and a few more in house emulators are in the works.
    • A new Japanese font will be added that will be more readable, as requested by Japanese users.
    • Low power consumption SoC design.
    • Updates for years to come (no need to buy a new flash cart later).
    • DS games do not work from exFAT microSD cards (FAT32 file system is required, this will be addressed in a future update).
    • The latest 3DS games do not currently work (this will be addressed in future updates).
    • Nintendo eShop 3DS games do not currently work (eShop titles are tricky even on CFW).
    • Not officially region free (install CFW if region free is required).
    • Does not fully support all CFW (custom firmware. Updates to compatibiity will be added).
    • Does not support Gateway 3DS split rom format (use exFAT for large ROMs greater than 2GB in size. This wil be added in the future).
    • Does not have a spring loaded microSD card slot. (some people prefer it this way and the final product may differ from this pre-release version)
    • Stargate 3DS sticker can easily get caught on the 3DS chassis when inserting the cart. (Since this is a pre-release of the product, this will be addressed on the final version of the cart with a thinner sticker)
    Final Review Notes!

    After my initial review of the pre-release version earlier this weekend, the StarGate 3DS team has been working with me on some of the issues i found during my initial review and extensive testing, and I have posted an update from them HERE which you can read, and have updated some of my points in my review above.

    Many thanks to Team Stargate 3DS for providing me with this pre-production review sample before the final retail versions ship out next week to resellers and pre-orders. This flash card kit normally retails for around 70 to 90 Euros (shop around for the best price, check out the official resellers listed on the Stargate website) and is definitely the future of gaming on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. This flash cart on-board CPU is also totally firmware upgradable via its MicroUSB port and as such will be supported with many updates by Team Stargate for years to come. Plus alot of my cons reviewing the pre-production model have already been addressed by the team and updated firmware will soon be available on their official website which is linked below.

    Our very own @JHardin1112 has also released a nice review of the StarGate 3DS on his NintendoFuse website, check it out here, plus he has added a simple video on how it works, which you can watch below! :)

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> http://www.StarGate-3DS.com
    1. USA reseller: http://www.mod3dscards.com https://usachipss.com/
    2. UK reseller: https://www.nx-card.com/
    3. Canada reseller: https://flashcarda.com/
    4. Italy reseller: https://italiamods.com/
    5. BUY IT NOW via Shop01Media: --> http://www.shop01media.com/en/SG-3DS-Stargate-3DS-flash-card-Nintendo-3DS?tracking=55d384d869281
    6. http://www.sxflashcart.com/home/26-stargate-3ds.html (UK reseller)
    7. http://www.jeux-land.com/accueil/20-stargate-3ds.html (UK reseller)
    8. http://www.gospiel.com/home/22-stargate-3ds.html (German Reseller)
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Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by realtimesave, Dec 10, 2017.

    1. 561

      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011
      Wait. It doesn't work correctly with custom firmware. If so not only is it more expensive than CFW, it's outright inferior in all but one way, and even then that can be debated.

      Best thing to get is one of the supported DS flash carts. You can flash ntrboot to the flash cart and hack the 3ds. Doing this allows it to play pretty much any game, retail carts converted to cia format, eshop games, out or region stuff and it can do so much more, like use custom themes, or cheats, or whatever. Best of all is that you only have to install what you want or need. The DS flash cart can then be used for DS games. If you can use a flashcart like this you can hack your 3ds, the guide is extremely simple and when my nephew and I hacked his 3ds it took all of 5 minutes. Honestly the ds flash cart took longer to set up as than hacking the 3ds and even that took maybe an extra 5-10 minutes. You can then use freeshop to install pretty much any game you want.

      I originally thought this flashcart would be an expensive way to install CFW since most of what a person would want can be done incredibly easy with CFW. But upon reading this review I'm not certain why one would go for it. If you get it, you can't install CFW or else it won't play DS games. In other words, if somebody wanted CFW and DS games they would still need to buy another flash cart, and by that point why spend all your money on this. It costs anywhere from 5-20 times what it would cost to get a ds flash cart and the latter will work well with a hacked 3ds, rather than requiring a official firmware. What's more is that B9S cannot be deleted by an update. A flash cart can be, but only on OFW. There's no real way to tell if buying this flash cart will help you. Maybe it's buggy or poorly made. Maybe it will stop getting supported sometime. If already it can't play all retail games, it is likely that more games will come out that hurt it. Maybe it ends up with malware or some hacked up version of CFW that ends up bricking 3ds consoles. There's already precedent for this kind of thing.

      A few years ago, sure, this kind of thing would have been great, but right now, there's just no point in paying several times more for a product that you're more than likely going to need to somewhat replace. If it can't work with CFW on DS, you already would need to buy a ds flash cart as well if you wanted that or give up CFW. It's too little, too late, and way to expensive for what you can do with a much cheaper flash cart that ultimately gives you more bang for your buck.
    2. 364

      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010

      One advantage this has over CFW is that it makes no modification to your console, how many n00bs have we seen crying because they have bricked their console because they fail to read instructions.

      This brings an extremely user friendly way to get roms and more on the latest firmwares.

      The reasons why it cant work on CFW is that its exactly that CFW, i know everyone will favour CFW end of the day these are the types that dont want to buy games, so when free CFW comes clearly theyll disrespect other devices in favour of the free.

      One advantage flashcards have over CFW is that its as simple as drag/drop one rom file, CFW you need to copy cia file, then have room to install, then delete cia to make space for more.

      Also it brings new features that CFW users dont have, and if you look at how Flashcards were first to bring you a fully pledge cheat system for 3DS roms, CFW were begging for plugins to be ported and codes to be converted.

      But @realtimesave in regards to Pokemon games, have you tried using Card1to2 to convert the rom.

      I cant test myself because my test unit hasnt come yet.

      I really hope region free comes in an update, because this is one thing that will put users off if they have to re download roms for their region.
    3. 94
      Andy A

      Andy A Loyal Member

      Jul 5, 2017
      From the sound, and look, of this card it is merger of sky3ds and an r4 running wood.

      It would have been better as a supercard clone as that had an emulation plugin system, but you can't have everything.

      If you have the patience to install a cfw then the card is a waste of time. If you have a working ds card it's a waste of time.

      Hopefully future updates will improve its feature set, but as the ROM scene stands the card looks like a dud.
    4. 364

      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      It also supports emulators.

      Again with CFW, CFW runs risks of not only bricking, but if the scene ends your stuck on that last firmware, if you have installed CFW its pretty much no use to anyone else if you plan on selling unless you clearly state to them its running CFW and will risk being banned if you go online.

      These cards make no modification to your firmware, less likely to cause any bans when card is not in use.

      console then can be re sold if you have no further use for it in the future.
    5. 115

      winchain Loyal Member

      May 17, 2007
      Pokemon Moon Sun are suppose to be card2 games and untrim, .3ds worked fine even on Gateway and Sky3ds+ or maybe you got a bad dump.
      Mario Party 100 works on Sky3ds+, I don't see why it doesn't work on Stargate3ds, maybe you grabbed a bad rom again?
      Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
    6. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      Welp honest review. At least this flash cart will become better in the future and it is the ultimate flash cart since it supports all versions of system NAND and is also plug and play like DS flash carts. Hopefully people can understand that this is an advanced flash cart, unlike el cheap-o run of the mill DS flash carts, hence the higher price. That's also why other 3DS flash carts cost more than cheap DS flash carts.
    7. 364

      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      But this was the problem for Gateway, when users tried to boot it would fail trying to create save the save file, convert the rom and ta da problem solved.

      the same could be for StarGate... I should get my unit tomorrow so will report back, in the mean time if anyone else have the rom and card and can try.
    8. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      I'll try to find the card1 to card2 program and try it out. Also I don't have a retail copy of Mario Party The Top 100 so I can't dump it and try it myself. I reinstalled CFW to the New 3DS so I could dump retail carts to test. Every time it works like a charm.
    9. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      Pokemon Sun and Moon still not working after using card1 to card2.
    10. 357
      Gaming Freak

      Gaming Freak Loyal Member

      Sep 14, 2007
      This is from the abandoned Team Gateway.
      Wouldn't waste my money no guarantee of support after they left the Gateway users in the dark making broken promises.
    11. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      It's actually more complicated than that. Team Gateway isn't dead yet and after their next update they are going to release the source code to their product. It takes time and effort to make updates to support newer 3DS emunand. Patience is key.

      These products are intended for those whom want full *.3DS support as well as more features. This flash cart is plug and play so it doesn't require any sort of mod to the system and it supports all versions of the console and all variants (2DS, 3DS, *New*). We will be seeing future support for this product.
    12. 115

      winchain Loyal Member

      May 17, 2007
      did you untrim it after converted to card2? the .3ds needs to be 4GB
      or try to grab the file from that iso site that says works on Sky3ds+
    13. 15

      NeoG Loyal Member

      May 20, 2017
      It takes a couple of hours at the most for cfw devs to support newer firmware whether is sysnand or emunand and they get paid nothing for it so that's complete crap. This isn't an advanced flashcard and to all the people that keep saying about bricks and stuff with a 15 pound flashcard you don't need to worry about bricking cause you can always recover from a brick with the same flashcard using ntrboot. This is a card for a complete idiot who has no idea about a 3ds and has only just picked up a 3ds. To be honest the gateway team should have never associated themselves with this card and it would of had a better start. The gateway team will always be remembered. After all that I would buy this card if it was 30 pound or lower cause it does a job of 2 flash cards in one but at the current price no chance. Good luck Gateway.
    14. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      I'm not on their team nor do I have access to the source code for Gateway 3DS so I don't know whether what I said is "complete crap" or not. All I know is, the end user including myself cannot currently fix/update it. Those trying to state that Stargate 3DS won't get updates are wrong though. This flash cart just came out after all.
    15. 15

      NeoG Loyal Member

      May 20, 2017
      I never said you were. I was just replying to the comments you said. This one
      "It takes time and effort to make updates to support newer 3DS emunand. Patience is key"
      But People have waited for nearly a year.

      Your review was great by the way but gateway has left a sour taste in people's wallets. I'll say it again it's a great card but won't be buying unless it's reasonably priced.

      Was you just referring to Gary's comment when you mentioned them releasing source code or do you know something else?
    16. 390

      realtimesave MaxConsole Product Reviewer MaxConsole News Team

      Oct 5, 2013
      Just referring to Gary's comment.
    17. 561

      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011

      Hacking the 3ds with the guide from 3ds.guide is now so simple even a non-tech inclined child can do it. If you can set up this flash cart you can hack a 3ds because for the most part it is just moving files to an sd card. At most you might have to find the sweet spot for the magnet and to push the button combo and it might take a few tries, especially on your first time, but it won't brick your system.

      And considering sooner or later you're likely to need cfw for something, for instance eshop games or out of region games they're going to eventually try to hack their system anyway and I don't exactly have any confidence that if this product ever supports it that it will do a good job of guiding somebody through it well enough or it might end up coming with it's own implementation that doesn't work correctly. And considering Gateway's history with bricking 3ds consoles...

      In case you didn't know. Gateway at one point included a function in their firmware that bricked your 3ds if it detected that the payload was altered in any way. This was to protect against clones, but it also affected legitimate Gateway owners as well.

      Then there was their version of A9LH that required their card to even boot into your 3ds. If the card was lost, stolen, or somehow stopped working, your could have quite been screwed. While not a true brick it was a huge flaw.

      This card though doesn't function like CFW. If it can be called CFW then so can the sky3ds. It's a flash cart, it loads roms only and can't do much otherwise. And even that has problems. There are already games it can't play and you noted that not all dumps in the wild are correct in the first place. So you might have to end up looking around quite a bit to find a dump that works.

      Furthermore what about headers? I haven't noticed anything mentioned about them. If it patches them to be a private header that you dumped then never mind, but if it doesn't you would risk being banned for playing any game online since 3ds retail carts all have a header associated with them. With gateway and sky3ds you were expected to dump one of your own carts or at least just the header and patch your roms with them.

      For a hacked 3ds, it's a lot easier to get games. For one you could use a program such as wii u usb helper (it supports 3ds games as well) and it will download the game at as high a speed as you can afford or let it have, and it can copy to the sd card with no issue. You can use FBI to install that cia and have it delete it right afterward. Another way is to use freeshop to download and install directly. It's a lot faster than moving a cia or a rom to an sd card. I've never had a problem with either method, though generally use cia format for games that have been modded in some way. None of this is difficult to do. You can install out of region games either way as well. Luma CFW for instance automatically patches the system so you can play out of region games.

      Freeshop and cia games don't take up as much space either. You'd get far more mileage out of using freeshop or cia games on a 64GB sd than you would on a 64GB sd holding roms. Games can be trimmed, but some games don't like to be trimmed and this can cause all sorts of issues. And then there's the header issue that could still be a problem. I would not be surprised to see a banwave from people buying this and not knowing a thing about headers and thinking that they can play online just fine. Whatever the case, installing from freeshop or even downloading using wii u usb helper is a lot easier than worrying about rom patching or trimming or whatever. I guarantee it.
    18. 364

      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      youll be suprised, the amount of people i get emailing me kicking off that they have bricked their console.

      there are people who fail to read a guide in full and go rushing, i admit the guide is very easy to follow.

      I used it back when it was menuhax - to downgrade a Japanese console, and i cant even read japanese.

      That is a no brainer, we all know its a matter of time before nintendo release a new firmware to block flashcards, this is something dirty piraters dont seem to understand, nintendo have the right to block devices allowing piracy, so when buying these cards or using CFW you accept that a time will come where you will not have full features of your console.

      if you demand these full features, then dont breach the T&Cs of your console, dont be a pirate, buy and play your games on a default console.

      I must have missed this, so cant comment.

      but if we take Gateway as an example of updates, over the years they updated gateway to bring multi rom support, region free, cheat code engine, so im confident StarGate will receive updates improving it..... i am mainly hoping that region free is included, its rather a must have for a flash card, not sure why its not included yet.

      it wasnt a flaw, it was another attempt for an old flashcard to continue bringing updates to its customers, and in a sense the card was used for a reason, so that you need gateway to boot (sales point of view).

      your not going to release a CFW that can boot without your card or else one user will be using 1 card and installing GWs CFW on to other users consoles that can gain GW features without the card.

      Tho i agree FASTBOOT ect was not in my eyes a good idea, for me it had too many risks and personally is why i didnt install myself, i remained using menuhax

      couldnt agree more, sick of seeing users claim Gateway and other Flashcards are CFW, its not and never has been, CFW is something that is permanent, you cant temporarily write/boot custom firmware without some form of hardware modification.

      Firmware is written to the console, no IFs no BUTs.

      these cards find an entry point to exploit and run, when you turn the console off and remove the card the firmware has not been touched and boots as normal.

      If these cards used CFW, then it would boot, install so that when you remove card and turn off it boots back into it.

      like Gateway you will need a private header, this is what nintendo look for when baning users, also said rom needs to match the console region that you are using, so i am guessing headers here could be an issue if nintendo use different unique headers for JAP games as they would UK.

      this is a matter of knowledge, where to find games that are safe and not riddled with virus adverts or endless surveys.

      i will always favor a flashcard, even though i have three consoles, one running cfw, one using menuhax to boot gateway and one that hasnt been modified at all.

      i find it simpler to just drop a rom file and boot it, i hate having to have a larger card in order to copy a CIA over, then install and have to delete to them free up room for more.

      to do the CIA way you need at least 2x the SD card size if you intend to have a few games on your console.

      Freeshop is a matter of if someone is able to install it, my SkyGate card should come today, but i have a business meeting so it wont be until tonight i get to play with it.

      In theory as Skygate allows homebrew it should be possible, but the restriction again if it could is that only games of your console region will work.

      I think the rule all users should be following when using CFW or flashcards is that you should not play online, this is no ones fault other than your own if nintendo find ways to catch these users and banning them.

      CFW and Flashcards never promote their product as a means to safely play online and never be banned.

      Users should also expect as a new Flashcard or CFW is released nintendo will be hot on heels to try block them in a firmware update. so as its early days for StarGate if you chose to ignore the rule of playing roms online, at least keep offline until you know more.

      let the other n00bs be the cannon fodder and get banned, theres no harm you waiting and keeping your console safe.

      But i am excited as a CFW user and a Flashcard card user, this looks promising, one feature, ok two features i hope to see are Region Free roms support and cheat code engine.
    19. 1

      Taipan20 Loyal Member

      Dec 11, 2017
      does anyone know if stargate 3DS can play AP flagged games on a 3DS without CFW ?
      thanks :)

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